Bukidnon feels what other provinces in Mindanao feel

Bukidnon is in the heartland of Mindanao. It is as diverse as Mindanao in history, culture, people and natural resources. Being at the geographical center of the “Land of Promise” Bukidnon experiences what Mindanao experiences.

People in the province cannot disregard the issues and concerns around Mindanao.

In the middle of uncertainties in today’s Mindanao, people in Bukidnon might appear as outsiders to the conflict but not away.

The threats that people face in its neighboring provinces are also considered local threats.

Local stakeholders should understand the on-going intramurals on the peace and order situation in Mindanao.

The present situation must be viewed in the context of Mindanao’s history and in the hope of a better future (Introduction for a proposal for a forum on the peace process and Mindanao history at the Bukidnon State University in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.)


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A Journalist from Mindanao

One response to “Bukidnon feels what other provinces in Mindanao feel”

  1. ama agong says :

    I have recently been to Bukidnon. CMU has an issue with land – Ancestral Domain … an issue very important for Mindanao.

    An Executive Order was issued by the President to allot land for the Indigenous People of Bukidnon but CMU is fighting it out because they have plans for “their” land.

    I believe that CMU should have recognized the grant and assist the Indigenous People in their land. The IPs of Bukidnon will learn a lot from CMU’s assistance and the people of Bukidnon will learn a lot from the 1st Settlers of the Land, to preserve the heritage of the Filipino.

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