Blogging the Mindanawon Consciousness

When I first heard of the theme of the up and coming Second Mindanao Bloggers Summit I felt it is something worth blogging about.

It is indeed a practical topic in a time when blogging is already considered a force to reckon with.

This is especially true in a time when Mindanao continues to experience unpeace and is misunderstood in many ways.

Mindanawons blogging about Mindanao is but just natural and is right about the perfect energy needed.

There is a need to blog about the voices of peoples rooted in Mindanao.

It might not be enough, however, that there are Mindanao bloggers who discuss on Mindanao from their online platforms.

We, Mindanao bloggers can only do so much. We can speak only for ourselves, our work, our views on Mindanao, our feelings, reactions, victories, pains, excitements, plans, dreams, and aspirations.

The consciousness/awareness among bloggers on and in Mindanao is only a part of “Mindanawon consciousness”.

A bigger part of Mindanao’s people is still “offline”. They are not yet connected to many things linked in Mindanao, enjoyed in Mindanao.

Ang kadaghanan wala pa makasakay sa sakyanan nga gigamit sa uban.

Most of these peoples and communities battle hunger, fear, ignorance, and isolation everyday.

They seek peace, justice, hope, life, and victories, too.

Apparently, there is a big gap between the volume of the voices of Mindanao’s bloggers and those of the “offline Mindanawons” in expressing their humanity.

“Blogging the Mindanawon Consciousness” might mean bridging this gap.

Mindanao bloggers might consider helping enable other key sectors and peoples in their communities to blog about themselves.

Blogging in Mindanao should not only be limited to blogging about Mindanao and its peoples but also helping the “voiceless” learn to blog so they, too, can blog about themselves.

This means “them blogging about them” not just “us blogging about them”.

There are people and organizations in the communities, especially in marginalized and “minoritized” areas, who deserve and are longing for their own chance to be heard.

We never got to hear from them because, yes, they are offline, “out of the link” and are disconnected. Most of them have no access, training, and technology.

Mindanao bloggers may be able to help them be online or at least seek their voices in their blogs in the quest for the Mindanawon consciousness.

This will help bring the dialogue from where there is vast inequality to a platform where divides could be bridged —in blogosphere.

Perhaps, listening to the “voices of Mindanao’s heartland –the communities” could probably complete ours and the world’s understanding of Mindanao.

I hope I’ll be able to share more on this in due time.

I can’t wait to hear and learn from others during the summit in General Santos City on October 25 to 26.

See you in Gensan!

Malaybalay City


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

2 responses to “Blogging the Mindanawon Consciousness”

  1. Hecky says :

    see you in Gensan

    cheer!!! 🙂

  2. Storyahe says :

    hello wen po ba ang next blogger’s summit sir?


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