In Bukidnon, medicine supply woes traced to price

The lack of medicines in Bukidnon provincial hospitals and health stations has been blamed on failures in the bidding process, more specifically to the Capitol’s low approved budget for contract (ABC) or price index.

It was reportedly pegged at 2004 rates, a provincial legislative inquiry has discovered.

This seems a simple problem of public policy. But what could be the reaction of every Jose, Caring, and Juana when they are told about this in the front lines, say, in the out patient department of public hospitals?

The public, especially the indigents, are repeatedly being told of the “no available medicines” situation despite the province’s supposed “award-winning” flagship program on health.

The problem of “too low” price floor has reportedly discouraged bidders with no takers on close to half of the items opened for bidding, in January 2008 for example.

During the inquiry, Board Member Nemesio Beltran Jr. disclosed that the problem with failed bidding on supplying medicine was caused by the province’s low approved budget for contract.

“The problem is really with our [budget for the contract] that is why there are no takers,” he said.

The revelation, which went deeper into the causes of the failure of the bidding, was triggered when proponent Board Member Rogelio Lago said he was not satisfied with the presentations of the BAC on why there was unavailable medicines and medical supplies.

Lago reported the lack of medicines in Baungon town, where he was former mayor, and in other towns.

The revelation also drew calls from other provincial legislators to review and adjust the province’s price index in order to avoid further problems.

BAC officials confirmed the observation and admitted the failure of bidding on at least P11 million worth of items of this year’s P85 million budget for medicines in both the January and July bidding.

Read a full news report about this here.


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2 responses to “In Bukidnon, medicine supply woes traced to price”

  1. alasais says :


    Magugustuhan mo ‘to

    Tem-i of Alasais

  2. shyam sunder sharma says :

    we can supply the medicine as per goverment rates with full assurance of quality

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