New blogs from Bukidnon

After months of introducing the concept of blogging to people I cross path with, two groups finally agreed to let me create a blog on their behalf.

I agreed to create the blog of a Valencia City-based family, the Jardinicos, who are considered to be among the worst fire victims in the country at www.jardinico12.wordpresscom. Also, I am introducing the blog of the Kalasungay Association of Professionals, a group composed mostly of residents of a lumad-dominated community in Malaybalay City at

I have agreed to create these on their behalf with an understanding that this is only instructional on my part and that they will later on take over the administration of their own blogs.

This is part of my little way to spread the “gospel of blogging” to those whose voices deserved to be heard but are not yet equipped to do it via blogging.

This is in addition to the community blog I created in June 2007 to promote the campaign to let peoples and communities blog about themselves.

I recognize the great difficulties I encountered in convincing many groups to join the blogging community. But I also respect and accept that they also have equally difficult hurdles to step up to a platform still unfamiliar to them.

I hope this will bear fruit, especially for their respective aspirations.


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