In GenSan: Mindanao Bloggers Success Part 2 (MBS2)


The organizers of the Second Mindanao Bloggers Summit in General Santos City did it.

MBS2 was a huge success looking at parameters such as number of participants, media mileage, impact, and preparations.

Bongga ang food, presentations, and gimik, and I heard the tour was fuhhhhn, too!

OK pud ang hosting, including the choice of masters of ceremonies.

We stayed in East Asia Royale Hotel and it was also good.

I wasn’t able to join the Sunday tour because of a call of duty to earn my living back home. Going to GenSan squeezed my tiny budget this month but I came home with no regrets for its harvest, I know it will be great.

For one, because I listened to Avel Manansala’s shoutout on place blogging, I was inspired to come out with my own place blog. I call it for now as Bukidnon My Home.  Also, because I listened to Ria Jose’s sharing on Blogging the Enterprenuerial Way of Life, now I like to have an online business/service profile, too.

Meeting new friends in the summit was also an added bonus.

To the organizers, thank you sincerely for inviting me as one of the summit’s speakers.

For those who were not able to hear my presentation I think Hector Minoza has posted it in his Mindanaokini blog.

By the way, businessWorld also used a story “Bloggers hope to rescue Mindanao’s sullied image” on October 28.

I hope our message on Mindanao will get through all over.

My only regret is that I didn’t bring out my old digicam to capture light (so if you accidentally captured my image in your camera please send me one!).

I’ll make sure to get photos during MBS3!


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A Journalist from Mindanao

9 responses to “In GenSan: Mindanao Bloggers Success Part 2 (MBS2)”

  1. migs says :

    It was nice meeting you Sir Walter!

    Sa next events ulit ha!

  2. bariles says :

    Hi Walter!

    It was a great honor having you. Too bad, we were not able to bond that much but am sure, you will invite us to your Kaamulan Festival in the future.

    Don’t forget to make a news report about it for MINDANEWS for all the world to read… and perhaps, learn.

    Ayo-ayo! Magandang GenSan!

  3. mindanaw says :

    Thanks. It was actually meeting you part 2. We’ve met in MBS1! hehe.

    Hi Sir Avel. We’ll invite you to Kaamulan Festival, sure.
    Also I will try to file a story. I was hoping Bong and Edwin filed their stories. One reason why I find some difficulty is that its not usual practice for us to submit stories on events where we are part of.
    I will try if it gets through the editor. 🙂


  4. the jester-in-exile says :

    and even if it doesn’t go through, we at least have the blogosphere, don’t we? 😀

  5. waltzib says :

    Hi Sir. Yup! Thanks for dropping a comment po. 🙂

  6. trashman says :

    salamat po sa mga bagay na natutunan ko from your speech…=)

  7. Hecky says :

    Go… go… B U K I D N O N

    nice to learn from you about coming out with a Home Blog for Bukidnon, this is a great contribution kapatid.


  8. Daxi Weida says :

    Hello Sir Walter,

    Just click the slideshow I posted in my blog. It will open my Picasa free album where you can download my photos of MBS2, including one with you on it. Thank you once again for your input at the Summit. Good luck!

  9. Waltzib says :

    Salamat din for giving it a chance —you listened.

    Thanks sir for sharing to us, too. Yes I want to focus on the place blog now.

    Thank you! I’m getting a copy of the photo ha. Thanks gyod. God bless to all!

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