“Global disorder” at back draft of Bukidnon’s 2009 budget

(NEWS) “The future appears gloom and bleak,” Gov. Jose Ma. R. Zubiri told the provincial board Thursday citing that the debacle of economic difficulties is real and could not be ignored.
Zubiri has proposed a P1.06 billion-2009 budget to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan but vowed to keep budgetary controls and prioritization of expenditures amidst the treat of a global recession.
He cited that the country is beset with “serious global disorder” foretelling a “downfall in the global capital market that “will not spare the Philippine economy”.
“There is an eroding confidence in the US financial market and growing discontent on the so-called American model of capitalistic economic enterprises,” Zubiri said in his introduction. The governor cited that the country experienced the uncontrollable increase of prices of petroleum.
The cost of staple food, he said, such as rice and other prime agricultural commodities that the Philippines is import-dependent triggering a -10-year high inflation rate of 7.5 percent.
“There is no positive indicator to reverse the growing skepticism on economic recovery. The over-all economic effects aggravated the unbearable misery to the greatest number of the marginal Filipino earners,” he said.
But the governor cited “significant highlights” of the province’s performance this year.
Zubiri claimed that at the current year the province has “sound budgeting complimented with controlled but optimized expenditure policy”.  He said investments in livelihood enhancement were complimented with the basic support of services.
He also mentioned “quick and decisive response in the event of unseen or eminent crises or calamity” citing for example, his P37 million rice stabilization fund for direct distribution of rice at the height of the so-called “rice price crisis”. 
He vowed to make greater food production and poverty alleviation as his administration’s covenant.
“This will be our covenant to our people, for this generation and generations to come,” he said. 
He cited several initiatives for food sufficiency and poverty alleviation, including, the Provincial Indigency Health Program’s coverage of 782, 885 individuals to provide “free and accessible health care”.  
He said the effort guarantees a “strong labor force” of 97,000 plantation workers as reported by the Department of Labor and Employment.
He also cited, among others, the investment of P187.6 million in livelihood micro-financing, believed to have spurred and stimulated economic growth among marginal earners. 
Zubiri delivered his budget speech at the provincial board 27 days after endorsing his proposed P1.06 billion budget to the board to be sourced mostly from its expected internal revenue allotment in 2009.


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