Mindanao is “One”: with some parts scarred, ruined, healing, growing

“There is only one Mindanao”.

We don’t have a Mindanao with two faces.

But the “one face” is scarred in some parts, ruined in another, healing in most parts, and mostly growing.”

I got into this reflection over the weekend when asked in an informal forum on whether there are two Mindanaos.

I said there is only one Mindanao. I compared it to the human anatomy.

Maybe the whole body is OK. But there are some parts that are injured –and the pain shows in the face of Mindanao, as others might see as the image of Mindanao.

Yes, we have to recognize that Mindanao has 27 provinces and 33 cities. Each province and city has distinct history, culture, plans, circumstances, and challenges.

But since these provinces and cities belong to one homeland or heart land, there are dynamics that occur in each locality that affects the others. The growth or pain in one, could be felt in another.

The way to heal the ailing part is not to cut it or to conceal it or just to forget about it.

There is not just one solution. There could be many ways to approach it. But it has to be cured using direct and indirect means. There has to be a constant search to find these means.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

2 responses to “Mindanao is “One”: with some parts scarred, ruined, healing, growing”

  1. chicklet says :

    Yeah that’s true i agree with u kung may magagawa lang ako talaga just to have that peace here in mindanao but i’m just an ordaniry like the other people living here. I remember during my younger years my mama always told me not to go out because there were rebels outside natatakot ako palagi kasi naiisip ko paano kaya pag magyera paano na kami. I’m afraid though some of my classmates said “ang tapang mo talaga mana ka sa papa mo sana sundalo rin ang papa ko gaya mo no, para may mag protect sa amin…” but they dont know what’s inside my heart. Everytime i heared shouting kinakabahan na ako akala ko yon na ang hirap talaga parang mamatay na ako sa takot.Hanggang ngayon dala ko parin ang takot sana nga matapos na ‘tong kagulohang ito kasi alam kong hindi lang ako kung di marami pang mga bata I dont want them to experience what i have been through…

  2. john hagen says :

    I feel in love with a beautiful Mindanao woman who is with me in the US now ,,she misses her school and friends but America is now her Mindanao .She will return for vacation soon with me and show me her wonderful country…God bless her and her beautiful city,

    john and ban-ban

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