Watching Obama battle McCain from Kalasungay

If anything, one reason I was glued to the run up to the US presidential election is my interest on electoral reforms in the Philippines.

Following through the campaign from the primaries to nomination and to the general election, I never really developed an addiction or affiliation towards any of the candidates. Of course I have my bet, and it has never changed from Day One.

But my interest has focused more on America’s electoral process. It has served as my education on American elections.

Another reason, probably, for my interest is the similarity between American presidential politics and boxing.

I am fond of watching combat sports, and among them I think boxing is safest.

The US presidential elections is a duel between two parties with specific and general stands on key issues.

They hit each other from different angles and they hold on to a strategy all throughout the bout.

The friction between two fighters over at least two years (from grabbing party nomination) squeeze in some lessons on American politicsm, economy, and foreign policy.

I had a quick reflection on whether the 2008 victor would have an impact on US policy in the Philippines, and specifically Mindanao.

I know the US is very influential to Philippine governance and economy and that measures have to be taken to mark off the gray lines of dependence.

The Philippines should escape the shadow of the US. But I don’t really think much about it. 

Apart from this post, I had no other mental exercise on the elections of a foreign country.

Of course, If I have time I’ll watch for updates from home.


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5 responses to “Watching Obama battle McCain from Kalasungay”

  1. Arvin says :

    I agree with you that US Election is very instructive.

    The way the candidates present their stand on various issues—economy, foreign policy,etc.–is a far cry from Philippines, where candidates are sold through jingles and other political sundries.

    In USA, they debate. In the Philippines, candidates squabble.


  2. mindanaw says :

    Lagi Arvin.
    Comparing the US and RP presidential elections is a study in contrast wide, indeed wide, contrasts.
    …did you also notice how fast the losing candidate concedes?
    That’s probably because of the wide margin of advantage in popular votes. But its really because they did not leave any room for cheating(perhaps).
    Makaibog lang lagi.
    But hey, there is hope our halalans will improve.

  3. Arvin says :

    Yeah, i did notice that.

    I was watching the Yahoo running account, every 5 minutes they had an update of the results. Must be the source of envy…

    Diri sa Pinas, sus…kung mapildi gani mu-petition dayon sa electoral tribunal…Ang desisyon hapit na lang mahuman ang term sa official anha pa madesisyon…

    It is not that if there is still hope that our elections will improve, but it is when will that day come?

  4. faye says :

    You are right, watching the US election every single day has taught me of the way American people do their electoral process.I’m envious how fast they could count votes. I have my bet too since August as I had my full time watching FOX news. It’s very interesting, it glued me too, sort of addicting for I want to know the truth of the issues. I notice candidates changing positions, reflecting weakness as maybe they are still learning too as they go along.As my bet conceded, I just pray the new administration would have a significant good impact globally.

  5. mindanaw says :

    I think you hit it in your idea. How long do we have to hope for improvements to come? If you have time please visit A friend put it up en route to the RP 2010 elections.

    Maybe by “blog watching” we can help see that day of improvements.

    Thanks for dropping by. Same here. I am also hoping Obama would deliver and inspire more people to work for positive change in politics.

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