Peace education, Mindanao context

badmintonPeace education is such a dynamic subject to teach at the university.

Chiza approached me for help to update the syllabus given to her by her superiors at Bukidnon State University over the break. One night we missed a favorite TV show just to gather and review the syllabi and lesson plans of previous lecturers of the subject.

We feel there’s got to be updating on content and context without veering away from the approved objectives of the course.

She decided on factoring in more of the Mindanao context in peace education using local exemplars, examples, experiences, stories, instructional materials, and lessons learned. (Photo by Bobby Timonera, grabbed from
She made my life more difficult for my suggestion, though. So I immediately sought help from colleagues to help send in materials available, and if it could be used for instruction.

We are specifically referring to songs, stories, poems, resource persons, documentaries, and other materials for activities and supplemental instruction.

She plans to retain some descriptions of the peace advocacies of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and other famous figures who espoused peace over violence.

She is planning to use a documentary produced by MindaNews in 2003 “Sanay wala nang giyera, Sanay wala nang bakwit” in her introductory lecture to somehow explain the “why” in teaching peace education.

I hope those who could read this may fuse in some suggestions or reference to materials to help make sure her students will have a great time learning with her on peace education.

Thanks for reading!


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