MILF’s five-point declaration on the peace process

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s Central Committee has issued a five-point declaration on the resumption of talks with the Philippine government. MILF chair Al Haj Murad Ebrahim issued the statement dated December 26 but released to the media on December 27.

The points are as follows:

Before the GRP-MILF Peace Talks resume, there must be an international guarantee composed of states or association of states, which will provide guarantee that both the GRP and MILF will honor and implement agreement or agreements forged by the parties. This will give the assurance that the MOA-AD tragedy will not be repeated anymore;

“Both sides resolve the issue of the MOA-AD which the MILF viewed as ‘done deal’ in contravention to GRP’s ‘no deal’ and ‘unconstitutional’ stance;

“The International Monitoring Team (IMT) will be allowed to discharge its duties and functions, as contained in the IMT Term of Reference (TOR) including the investigation of all the violations of the ceasefire since July 1, 2008 up to the present;

“The AFP immediately cease military offensive in Mindanao against the MILF even in the guise of running after its three ‘rogue commanders,’ pursuant to and in compliance with the Security Aspect of the Tripoli Agreement on Peace on June 22, 2001 in order to put a halt to the mass evacuation of people as well as the accompanying destruction to houses, farmlands, working animals, and other properties, pursuant to the Relief, Rehabilitation, and Humanitarian Aspect of the same Agreement; and

Malaysia will stay as facilitator of the peace talks.”

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One response to “MILF’s five-point declaration on the peace process”

  1. ai says :

    Why Malaysia is the main facilitator of the peace process in Mindanao? what is their interest?

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