Law banning aerial spray in RP?

While a court battle upwards is still being fought on this struggle for the environment, this senator from Mindanao has mulled passing a bill banning aerial spraying in the country.

Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri, who styled himself as an environment advocate while in the House of Representatives, said he backs Davao City’s ban on aerial spraying and vows to come up with a bill to make the ban nationwide.

“I am in full support of the (Davao) city ordinance. I am 200 percent supporting the ban and I will file the bill in Senate when I get back,” he said.

Zubiri was in town to lead inaugural rites of Bukidnon’s P125-million Bukidnon Provincial Medical Center here. He was supposed to join President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo but her trip was cancelled due to “bad weather”.

The Mindanawon senator threw his support to Davao City’s local ordinance a week after the Court of Appeals in Cagayan de Oro declared the aerial spray ban “invalid and unconstitutional”.

“It is extremely an environmental hazard, dangerous to the people, dangerous to animals, including wildlife,” Zubiri said. He described the threat of chemical sprayed from planes as “to whom it may concern — it affects anyone.”

Zubiri said the city government of Davao should take the case up to the Supreme Court since the appellate court’s January 9 decision reversed the verdict of Davao’s Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 17, which saw the aerial spray ban as valid and constitutional.

Is this possible? We have a parallel movement one in the judiciary and the other in the legislative. Let’s see if the other strand could be opened at all. See full story in


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One response to “Law banning aerial spray in RP?”

  1. jose daigdigan says :

    Being one of the pro aerial spray supporter we pray that MAAS must stop fabricating lies just to gain supports here and abroad.Instead help us tell the whole world that our aerial spray particularly in banana farms is not using deadly pesticide to kill insects, animal , etc., but only fungicides to kill fungi and its spores. Our call was further strenghtened after about a dozen of Camocaan,Davao Sur residents joined our groups picketing at Apo View Hotel last Nov. 20 2009 in support of aerial spray.They told us of exaggerations and manipulations of evidence.
    We supported aerial spray because there is nothing wrong with it and it helps farmers both big and small.
    For our lawmakers,they need to concentrate more on other farming methods like rice, vegetables, corn etc. that need critical legislation to alleviate their plight,not gave headache to more stable banana farming.

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