What is good and bad about celebrating Bukidnon’s Kaamulan Festival every year?

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2 responses to “What is good and bad about celebrating Bukidnon’s Kaamulan Festival every year?”

  1. april says :

    We need to celebrate Kaamulan in order to remind ourselves that Bukidnon is the land of the seven hill tribes and that migrants like us (like me) must thank God that we we’re given space to that beautiful highland paradise.

  2. fealava says :

    I don’t think there is anything bad about celebrating Bukidnon’s Kaaumulan Festival every year (except maybe as we are all in a global economic crunch, government’s budget allocation is one downside I can think of). To me, having such gathering in Malaybalay City helps a lot of people in many aspects- culturally, academically, economically to mention a few. As I was a plain spectator for more than a decade, I had observed a different experience every single year of its celebration. The more I witnessed it, the more I appreciate the Bukidnon’s authentic roots. It’s awesome!Kaamulan is for sure a remarkable event paying due respect to its ancestors and its rich-unique cultural identity that our young children from this generation and the next generation to come would be proud of. Pls keep on celebrating it. Great job and work well done for Bukidnon folks and its “dumagats”.

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