On Chip Tsao’s “The War at Home”

The employer-employee relationship between HK Chinese nationals and Filipino contract workers is a field that pokes always at some sensitive lines, in me.

I think it concerns all of us not just because of national pride, but because perhaps for most of us, we have our own personal encounters with people who work in HK or elsewhere around the world.

To me it is not just because of the Spratly’s Islands. There is something personal about it why I have to break a present status not to go online, much more to blog about it.

His foul attacks simply did not escape me.His comments were offensive to a very sensitive issue on the Kalaayaan Islands. But even more offensive to the sensibilities of Filipinos —not just for the sense of belonging to a  “country” or a political state but as a people.

This offense is not  about laws, but feelings; Not about territories, but citizens —human beings.

When the controversy about Mr. Tsao’s article at HK Online erupted, it stirred back and resurfaced  forgotten pains.

In 2002, one of my sisters, after passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers decided to work abroad to maximize her time and help the family.

She landed in a domestic job in a Chinese family living in a high-rise home somewhere in HK.  Yes, she earned her income from the HK economy. But she had nothing to thank her employers for  that.

It was  an adventure that turned out to be very, very hard labor.

She had to cut her two-year contract because of her employers’ abuses.

She was asked to do more work, which were  not included in the contract; she was not given food for three meals;  she was locked in the house when her employers leave for work;  she was treated like this and that.  She was treated like a slave.

It was a very traumatic experience for her, for us, and our friends. But we have to move on, and we did.

At that time, I wanted to blame the government. I wanted to tell my sister “see, I told you so.” I wanted to launch an international campaign against these abuses, after all this is a world who cares for the endangered species of the tiniest of animals, why not on human rights of domestic helpers!”

But what can a young man do. The rage died down as we moved on. The anger cooled down as typhoon after another crossed the South China Sea. When we saw that she has accepted and has recovered from her experience, we readily offered support for her to move on.

But Tsao, Tsao, Tsao. He only made me realize that the feeling is still there.

Every word that he wrote about HK employers and God knows what they asked their Filipino employees to do I can only think of one thing: abuses.

And he showed it himself, maybe in just a slip, about how many HK Chinese employers really treat their employees.

I offer several points to ponder (Just thinking out loud):

  • What Hongkong Online columnist Chip Tsao did not know or perhaps deliberately skipped is that the Philippines is home to many mainland Chinese migrants who made their fortune here and to a certain extent have enjoyed a “favored” status from the Philippine government.
  • Of course we expect any Chinese to favor his or her country. That’s what we also expect any Filipino should do for his or her country. But a writer should be magnanimous and leave the confines of their ignorance for this time of enlightenment.
  • Tsao has also framed his opinion not only in the viewpoint of war but also in the pretext of discrimination, racial and otherwise.
  • Chip Tsao or HK Online is of course not China, so I (who is also not the Philippines) will leave his war freak shot as a mere opinion of a satirical columnist who has ran out of sensible topics to write about.
  • Tsao should also think that he has also showed China’s aggression in his write-up: treating the employees as hostages. His ancestors also toiled the workshops, roads, and homes of other lands in the past. His satire is a failure.
  • I understand nationalism is a very sensitive subject if you talk in the family of nations but he should also be responsible enough that he writes for international audiences.
  • If he meant to insult the Philippine government, then he should only do so and keep Filipinos in general at a space of respect.

Anyway, in the final analysis Tsao is just a columnist. His word is not law. His intention not the truth. His opinion is just dust the wind can blow.


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  1. flamindevil says :

    i’m really sorry to hear about what happened to your sister.

    anyway, this tsao guy is really stupid.period.he does not have to right to degrade any race.

    i particularly liked your closing paragraph:

    ‘Anyway, in the final analysis Tsao is just a columnist. His word is not law. His intention not the truth. His opinion is just a dust the wind can blow.’

    Amen to this.

  2. jd says :

    Very well said!!!! BRAVO!!! MABUHAY KA KABAYAN!!!!

  3. Resty Andres says :

    He is not even worthy to be called a journalist. He dont know what the word “respect” means. His irresponsible writing should be condemned not by just pure Filipinos but as well by the whole Filipino Chinese.

  4. Patrick says :

    Death to Imperialist Chip Tsao!!!

    heheheh.. joke lang..

  5. Rhyan says :

    I totally agree that Chip Tsao’s writing is really offensive. However, what I don’t like about most of us Filipinos do is to export labor. Our best talented and skilled compatriots went abroad. Some of them even switched citizenship.

  6. enbs says :

    for sure, this guy has skeletons in his closet. one way of getting back at him is to dig dirt and throw it at him. this way, he will realize he can’t insult a people and get away with it.

    satire has its place in journalism but this guy does not have any class at all. his piece exposes how witless and intellectually-deprived his mind is.

  7. Dee says :

    “He is not even worthy to be called a journalist. He dont know what the word “respect” means. His irresponsible writing should be condemned not by just pure Filipinos but as well by the whole Filipino Chinese.”

    And WE DO. Ask any one of us. It’s people like him who makes us wonder whether being a Filipino-Chinese is really a good thing. Or a Chinese living in another country for the matter. I am born here, but of pure chinese descent. Much as I say I love the Philippines, people cannot take away from me to be mindful of being Chinese as well. And these stupid asses who do things that sly their own countrymen’s reputation deserves HELL. Good for them, they are in their own territories, but what about us, who are striving in a foreign land ( I do not think Philippines is a foreign land though since I was born here, people here sometimes just make sure I feel that because of the stereotypes and all), and having to live amicably with people who would never treat us the same?

    I can’t believe such an irresponsible journalist is let loose. He should have flunked wayyy back if his writing and his THINKING is that retarded.

    So, again do not take this out on us filipino-chinese. We condemn him as much as you do. We know where you’re coming from. But as you said, you can never forget your heritage, and as much as i am concern, it is very unacceptable too to expect us to forget where we came from, or our ancestors for the matter. People do things stupidly in China, it does not mean all Chinese in the whole wide world, or here in the Philippines for the matter is the same.

    To Chip Tsao: kap shiaw ba di?!

  8. Dee says :

    “He is not even worthy to be called a journalist. He dont know what the word “respect” means. His irresponsible writing should be condemned not by just pure Filipinos but as well by the whole Filipino Chinese.”

    And WE DO. Ask any one of us. It’s people like him who makes us wonder whether being a Filipino-Chinese is really a good thing. Or a Chinese living in another country for the matter. I was born here, but of pure chinese descent. Much as I say I love the Philippines, people cannot take away from me to be mindful of being Chinese as well. And these stupid asses who do things that sly their own countrymen’s reputation deserves HELL. Good for them, they are in their own territories, but what about us, who are striving in a foreign land ( I do not think Philippines is a foreign land though since I was born here, people here sometimes just make sure I feel that because of the stereotypes and all), and having to live amicably with people who would never treat us the same?

    I can’t believe such an irresponsible journalist is let loose. He should have flunked wayyy back if his writing and his THINKING is that retarded.

    So, again do not take this out on us filipino-chinese. We condemn him as much as you do. We know where you’re coming from. But as you said, you can never forget your heritage, and as much as i am concerned, it is very unacceptable too to expect us to forget where we came from, or our ancestors for the matter. People do things stupidly in China, it does not mean all Chinese in the whole wide world, or here in the Philippines for the matter is the same.

    To Chip Tsao: kap shiaw ba di?!

  9. Dee says :

    And for the matter, if we’re going to follow the same thinking, do you mean that Filipinos abroad should be worried too about their relations with their host country is something like “A girl who cried rape even though she now forgets about it” took place? or the fact that there are now crazy people hostaging red cross volunteers in the Philippines?

    I condemn Chip Tsao with all my being. he is a freakin liability to his own magazine, to HK and to CHina as well. And he’s a freakin moron for all of us Chinese outside China. I hope though that people open up their minds that his actions does not reflect all of us? How could it be. We were born here and educated HERE!

    People say a dh does not make the whole Filipino race, servants. (and there’s nothing wrng with being a dh is there?) But i hope too that you get it that one chinese moron does not make the whole chinese race morons or racists.

    There. I got carried away. It’s tiring having dual identities, especially on times when both identities are not really that sweet to have. Chinese==fakers. Filipinos==Corrupts. And no, i wont go there, that’s too much stereotyping right?

    Peace OUT.

  10. JET3276 says :

    why is this person acting like an abnormal mammal is this the cause of the food they eat in their place he is so very disgraceful journalist and columnist he is nothing coz he don’t know the proper etiquette being a journalist and columnist he embarrass the whole china country

  11. eMo pRiNCeSS says :

    I felt so sorry about your sister. She doesn’t deserved that.She is a professional. That Cheap Cya, is just degrading himself, and his country. He only shows he doesn’t deserve to be called “award-winning writer”. One day, China will lose its current status. They are immoral. In fact, killing those babies just bcoz of that one child policy. I thought it was only in middle east that employers are abusers. But also those kuripot-instik. I hope we would learn his own lessons.

  12. bananaQ says :

    Mr. CHEAP Tsao is clearly a racist. They even called his article a ‘Satire’. For me it is not a satire after all, but an insult to the whole Filipino community living here and abroad.

    Maybe his brain was corrupted by melamine and sars that’s why he think like that.

    >> I’m so sorry to hear about your sister… masyado na silang mapang-abuso!!!

    Kung mababasa lang nya lahat ng mga kumentong kumakalat ngayon sa internet, sigurado manliliit siya sa sobrang kahihiyan dahil sa ginawa nyang ito.


  13. NANDY BONUS says :

    well, chip tsao eat this. chocolate chips with lead and melamine.

    how about this? your china is a nation of oppressors and communists. another: drug lords of shabu and illegal immigrants. these illegals are doing businss right in a certain area in manila. nation of triads.

    so now you are an expert on spratlys. you’ve already decided what united nations cannot say for certain to whom do the spratlys belong.

  14. gigs says :

    I shall never express myself in the matter of political and sensitive mattern such as territorial dispute as such we have elected people who had much capabilites to handle that isssue and so should a racist and garbage columinist like Chip Tsao. I like Hong Kong and it’s people. I have many Hong Kong friend that does not have the same opinion as he does, but this arrogant bastard is archi-type of what they called in Hong Kong as Banana man, Yellow outside and white-colonial mentality inside. At some points he is disgusted of his fellow Chinese specially of the mainland people thinking they are all village people (xiang xia ren) and lacks poise that he an educated but retarded and racist mind has and at other point disgust of western people(Gweilo) attitudes towards Hongkong but liking to the education that he had in the UK. He has utter confusion where to side…to the brits or to the new masters, the Chinese, a damn dickless coward! I bet he has not tried to live in China and see what kind of press freedom and expression he can muster. I am a Filipino and I’ve traveled a lot of places here in China, I love China and have respected the people around me. Where his family came from, Guangxi is a nice place and I bet that bastard won’t even leave his home of fine things in Hong Kong to live in the Mainland where he says he pledge his allegiance and patriotism. He’s just another Banana Man easily mashed-up piece of garbage writer! We Filipinos are chocolate and sweet! Mabuhay ang manggawang Filipino sa abroad!

  15. NANDY BONUS says :

    chip tsao exporter of sars

  16. gigs says :

    Again we should not banter with the same racial slurring as he did, we filipinos should not go down to his same frame of mind. The alternative to this is to talk constructively of what we can do to achieve a peaceful way of setting boundaries. We are peace loving people, we do not slur at other race instead we embrace them. I get that Chip Tsao write unwitty and unfunny sarcasm to stir opinion but if we rebutt his demeaning slurs with slurs to the Chinese it wold be pointless, let just put this guy into one box and label him as “piece of sh!t writer and separate them from the rest of the best journalist there is in Hongkong or around the world.

  17. mary b says :

    Chip Tsao had the nerve to a insult as Filipinos as being the nation of servants.FYI, Chinese people has been slaves for centuries in all parts of the world. They were the railroad migrant workers in the US who were denied citizenship back then and were under UK for so many years.
    Law of karma, if you hurt others then you hurt yourself too.

  18. simplefula09 says :

    Chip Tsao RACIST AT IT’S BEST!!!!!GRRRR….


  19. jet says :

    pugutan kaya natin ng ulo

  20. Istambay says :


    I am delighted of the reactions to the post.
    Mine was a hastily composed write up, but it was from the heart.
    That this has become a small “freedom wall” on the subject is remarkable.

    However, I have read that the Hongkong Online Magazine has apologized in a statement posted in http://dfa.gov.ph/?p=3962.

    The mag stressed that they have “nothing but respect for Filipinos” even if they defended the article by saying it was “satirical”.

    The apology cited that “many people have read meanings into this column that were never actually intended”
    “The publisher and editors of HK Magazine wish to apologize unreservedly for any offense that might have been caused by Chip Tsao’s column dated March 27,” said the five-paragraph apology branding “War at Home” as “politically incorrect column”

    The magazine said they have championed the rights of Filipinos working in HK adding “Filipinos have often been unfairly treated in HK and that they make an important contribution to this community”.

    I post this as an open ended update in the discussion.

  21. jom says :

    mga intsik maliliit etits! kayha sila insecure sa filipinos. 🙂

  22. bisayang_psycholokoy_sa_dubai says :

    His write-up is basically “CHEAP CHOW”! not worthy to digest…

  23. mindanaobandit says :


  24. mindanaw says :

    Hala hwag tayo gumaya sa kay Chip Tsao na accused to be racist! hehe.

    @mindanao bandit — By the way, ano na pala update doon sa Sulu? Wew. Sana hindi na umabot sa beheading. Kakalungkot naman. Prayers for peace and order.

  25. James says :

    I am deeply hurt with Tsao’s article degrading the Filipino race. Mr. Tsao, you are obviously misinformed and ignorant of the fact that there are many chinese nationals living in the Philippines who continue to milk the country’s economy. Needless to say, some of your citizens are involve in major drug syndicate, corrupting the innocents, killing the future of our youth and adding burden to our national security. Hence, your statement against Filipinos is uncalled, as we Filipinos are by nature “altruistic” people and so our charisma echoes to a milestone. Also, those Filipinos who came to Hong Kong lead decent lives, you’re lucky that even your “domestic helper” holds a degree, nowhere in the world you can find such maid.
    But how about those Chinese “servants” in New Zealand, Canada and Australia? Do they hold a degree as well? I used to hire female chinese to take care of my dogs and clean my toilets and garage when I accept job offers as a travel nurse, coz in New zealand, Chinese are the ones who assume “domestic helper” jobs. I hope other race will not call your own country as “a nation of servants” as well, or worse, “a nation of prostitutes” due to the increasing number of chinese prostitutes in the mid-east, particularly in Dubai, in which f###king chinese is as cheap as the yuan currency!
    I advise you to review history very well and check your geography before your arteries would contrict! by the way, spratly’s is not of your business, leave it to your government officials.
    Mr Tsao, tao sao chen?

  26. Proud to be Pinoy says :

    TO YOU chip “CHEAP” tsao (“servant of evil)

    who the hell are you?writing those things? always remember that WE make an important contribution to your community”, without US FILIPINOS, you are also nothing…your name should be CHEAP tsao, and sure you are…PUBLIC APOLOGY IS NOT ENOUGH…

    Do one favor, before you go to sleep, come to think of what you have been done to those people living in what you called “nation of servant”.Are you happy?well be happy the rest of your life, cause we Filipinos are everywhere in this world..if dont like us GO MARS or much better GO TO HELL….

  27. Proud to be Pinoy says :

    TO YOU chip “CHEAP” tsao (”servant of evil)

    who the hell are you?writing those things? always remember that WE make an important contribution to your community”, without US FILIPINOS, you are also nothing…your name should be CHEAP tsao, and sure you are…PUBLIC APOLOGY IS NOT ENOUGH…

    Do one favor, before you go to sleep, come to think of what you have been done to those people living in what you called “nation of servant”.Are you happy?well be happy to the rest of your life, cause we Filipinos are everywhere in this world..if you dont like us GO to MARS or much better GO TO HELL….

  28. elynlet says :

    nation of servants pala ha kasi sila nation of pigs, mga baboy…

  29. jojo says :

    i want to describe this cheap chip tsaotsao in 2 words…..ASSHOLE MONKEY….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  30. EZEKIEL says :

    What a jerk!SCUMBAG!Bein a domestic helper is way decent job and theres nothing wrong to it……chao youre a PERVERT!!!

  31. Noynoysad says :

    Indeed, the international community and the Filipino people have met a grossly misinformed, unethical, blindly patriotic and irresponsible writer who have decorated himself with accolades from writing in another irresponsible HK Magazine and worked with BBC. In case he does not know, there are also Chinese Domestic Helpers working abroad who are serving not only white foreign nationals but as well Filipinos. He must also have forgotten that there are quite a number of Chinese nationals living in this part of Asia who are making their livings out of the Philippine Economy. He should also remember that maligning the good name of the Filipino race based on working with foreign masters is baseless, as these are done in sheer competence, dedication and hardwork and that if his mind set is on the premise that Filipinos are servants in their own country, some chinese nationals are notoriously known to be drug dealers here in the Philippines and prostitutes in the middle east if not another low paying domestic helpers in Australia and some parts in Europe and North America. It seems to me that Mr. Tsao is confined in a very narrow hallway of his very limited intellect. Is he aware that Hong Kong was once a colony of the the mighty Brits who at one point became their masters? I have known stories of mighty chinese businessmen in the Philippines who came over because of the poverty they were experiencing in mainland China and worked here as lowly laborers.

    This man surely lacks good and cautious foresight. is he aware that by doing so, he collaterally dip his dirty and ignorant fingers to an internationally sensitive issue? He is blatantly character assassinating a whole nation who happened to be one of the claimants of an island in the Spratlys which issue is so sensitive and requires an international diplomatic expertise to deal with.

    Had he even thought that by doing the same, he is also jeopardizing international foreign relations of his country whom he claimed patriotism. Well, that is practically a pseudo patriotism in the real sense of the word.

    Certainly, he cannot claim expertise in the area of foreign relations by touching the issue of Spratlys he is using it in a bad light. He should be too discreet to leave that issue to his government as obviously he lacks the right attitude and prospective to deal with that.

  32. bj_bantilan says :

    you know even if we are poor but we have brains!!!!!!!!
    not like you!!!
    when the time comes we are going to get all domestic helpers in hongkong
    what will be the result?
    the result well of course it will be a disaster to honkongs hotels ETC…..
    so we want you to make an paragrahp in title “sorry philipines”

  33. boboy says :

    CHINA- Sick man of Asia… CHIP TSAO – Bastard

  34. totoy bato says :

    a cheap choice of words as his name sound. hehehehehehe! chip chop chup dapat chop chopin n yan. bobo pala yan eh pano naging columnist yan.? true we are a nation of servants but a servant to GOD. the way that “cheap” asshole write is direct insult to themselves they were the servant of cummunism no right no freedom maybe a little. but we the nation of servant is so free that we can change the leader of this country any time we want. i guess “cheap” tsao is only envy. wala kading people power sa kanila meron man ciguro but they fail unlike the filipinos.

  35. IGNOB says :




  36. NoChip4DCheap says :

    The Chinese writer is a “CHEAP CHOW”.

  37. Anomalicious says :

    Why of all races, a chinese would talk harshly about domestic helpers? Is he serious? I mean really now, a chinese racist?

    Coming from the “the land of servants” as he quoted in his political emotional out pour, I am not offended but puzzled. If he was half the man that he said he was in the expense of my Filipino public residing and working in Hong Kong now, he would have realized that the article was nothing but a bitter and desperate cry for attention. (I by tha way thought it was too much for a respected journalist, if he was respected).

    I should be raging with angry hormones now, dying to scream at his face in filipino language just so he would go berserk trying to understand what I just said, but it won’t matter. Mr. Cheap Tsao, no matter how much you bitch about our country, at the end of the day it’s the servants that own the island.


  38. aris says :

    How come this narrow minded stupid faggot became a journalist/columnist? He must stop this kind of article because it shows only how stupid he is. To the publisher and editor of HK magazine, why they allowed this article to be published?

  39. Michelle says :

    one word to describe this Tsao: “Wanker!”

    he obviously treats Pinoys as being below his level! someone jail him!!!

    What a complete and utter WANKER!!!

  40. Roselier Levi Azarcon says :

    Chip Tsao, though my heart is bursting with anger and my mind bothered with your truly MORONIC sentiments, I chose not to bother with your stupidity. I believe not all Chinese people are imbeciles like you and I have made friends with them. I cannot comprehend how you came to be called a professional. You’re a big, fat, slant-eyed BIGOT. How would you like your people to be referred to as the “Sick men of Asia” again? You better watch your mouth. And pleeease, get your a** up and conduct some more research to inject some “substance” in your articles. Your works are as null as your soul. Your skills are nothing compared to that of our professionals. Here, your arrogance will be reduced to a miserable pile of nothingness…The reason why your thoughts are like that is because your country is very hungry for worldwide recognition after waking up from a coma. Our country may be exporting professionals and, yes, even domestic helpers, but that is because we posses the skills your people cannot meet in your nation. It’s either that or your people are simply too proud to clean up their own mess..You may not be a Christian but our GOD, the God of David, the one true GOD who is looking over our country will show that He is the God of justice. Better watch your mouth and your heart, someday, you may live too see your country’s devastation (In case someone hasn’t assassinated you that time yet).

    Sa mga Pilipino, stay humble. Manalig tayo sa Diyos. Siya na mismo ang nagsabi na ang mapagkumbaba ay kanyang itataas. itong mga taong ito, akala nila nasa tugatog sila ng mundo. Dahil sa kasakiman at kapalaluan nila clouded na ang isip nila.

  41. Noynoysad says :

    We must hold hands together and teach them a lesson. let us show to them how significant this “Nation of Servants” is to them.. ALL FILIPINOS, LET US HEED THE CALL OF SE. ROILO GOLEZ TO BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCTS AND TRAVELS TO HONG KONG AND CHINA!! ENCOURAGE ALL THOSE WHO ARE PLANNING TO GO THERE TO WORK TO WORK SOMEWHERE ELSE RATHER THAN IN CHINA OR HONG KONG. AND ENCOURAGE THOSE WHO ARE WORKING THERE RIGHT NOW TO LOOK FOR OTHER EMPLOYMENT IN SOME OTHER FRIENDLY COUNTRIES OTHER THAN THESE TWO COUNTRIES.! Then let us see what will happen to their economy. If 130,000 Filipino OFWs stop working there, that means approximately 130,000 househol needs approx. 130,000 people to do household chores. And that means 130,000 productive chinese nationals must leave their work to do their household chores. And let us see how will their economy fare.

  42. niza says :

    people juzt be cool..he will have his prize later on in life!!

  43. julius says :


  44. madel says :

    This idiot chip tsao should be thankful to the filipinos,if not because of our race then who will take care of his old folks,this sick minded chip tsao is seeking an attention,and his career as a journalist is about to go down and he needs to do this arrogance to get an attention from his people and to the employers.stupid tsao you clean your own mess,you dont even know where your roots are and what your roots are,shame on your stupid.our domestic helpers in your country dont ask money from you people,they work there,they work they they should be get paid.If you are only here in the philippines chip tsao,i guess i already peeled you with a sharp thinned knife so that you will also feel and realize what you did to our race, its just show that how dirty and cheap minded personality you have,you stupid moron,you are suck asshole!!!

  45. ARBS OF DOTA ORG. says :

    nation of server?
    your such a moronic person your not thinking right.
    for me i dont even know why the company made you as a writter
    when ur attitude is like that …..

  46. berto ozo says :

    di na ko nabigla sa sister mo marami ng pinoy / pinay ang naaabuso..the sad thing walang magawa ang govt natin kundi huthutan tayong mga ofw…

  47. gina says :

    wow naku ang mga skolar na ang nambatikos sa chip munks na Chip Tsao!

    alah kung nasaktan kayo, ako hindi kasi..

    ‘The War at Home’

    ang realidad nyan hindi lang ma-express ni Chip Tsao na galit sya sa kapwa nya na chinese…

    in his article mapapansin mu na inilalarawan nya na ang kanyang bansa ay umaasa lang sa mga pinoy ofw..

    at yung ilang kapwa nilang chinese ay nawawalan na ng trabaho dahil mukhang occupado na ng mga pinoy… anu ba yan! Gumawa sya ng storya upang mapansin ng gobyerno nila na nasasadlak na rin sa pinansyal krisis ang katotohanan na dapat na sila ma-insecure dahil nawawalan na ng employment ang tau nila, napupunta lang sa mga Filipino lahat ng pinaghihirapan nilang pera kuno!

    “The reason: There are more than 130,000 Filipina maids working as HK$3,580-a-month cheap labor in Hong Kong.”

    abah hindi pa sya nakuntentu…

    “you don’t flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter.”

    ipinarinig nya eto sa mga pinay, pero patama sa inang bayan nila ang linyang eto, kasi ang master nila ay ang higanteng pula.. aminin nya man o hindi
    isa syang takut na pusa sa dambuhalang daga na amo nya! sa totoo naman nagpasakop pa sila sa higanteng pula diba instead of magcrave sila na lumaya eh they don’t flex their muscles at their master, from whom they earn most of their bread and butter patama sa higanteng pula… ah hindi ko pala nakailmutan na alila din sila ng triads este anu ba yun thriads ng big red!

    “gave her a harsh lecture”

    harsh lecture? or torture? he mean that his kabayan now doing harsh things against Filipinos! dahil ingit sila! or baka naranasan din nila eto noon!

    “but we have a hostage in each of our homes in the Mid-Levels or higher”

    oh they have big nuber of hostages ever since, we oftenly hear real news regarding some ofws ikinulong at sinasaktan ng amo nila! ganun din nangyari sa ilan nilang kababayan sa kanilang mother land nuon!

    ” paying her to wash my toilet and clean my windows 16 hours a day”

    maliwanag po ang nasabi nya nagmamalabis na sila sa mga pinoy! ang eksenang eto ay ginagawa nila para ibaling sa mga pinoy ang gulong nararamdaman at nararanasan nila sa kanilang bakuran na sila rin ay inaabuso din ng kanilang mga landlords!(sinu nga ba ang kanilang lords?)

    bakit ba malayo sila sa Tibeth na nais nang kumawala sa higanteng pula?

    oh ayan atah ang picture ng ‘The War at Home’ by Chip Tsao! looking sa dating buhay ng Hong Kong!

    modernised na ang knilang bansa ah bakit hindi na nila i-asa pa sa mga robot yung gawaing bahay nila…

    bwahahahaha buti pa ang robot i switch on mo pwede mo na alilain… at di na mag reresbak… pero ang taong nakaranas ng pag mamalabis nung sya ay isa pang alila di magtatagal kapag umasenso na gagagwin nya rin ito sa kanyang kapwa kahit sa kanyang alipin na tumulong sa kanya upang bumangon!

  48. kiwi bisdak says :

    don’t you know that Chip Tsao’s (amoy translation of surname “bad smell”) real name is To Kat. or in cebuano slang “katok”, may tuyo sa utak.

  49. Allain says :

    true… the topic of patriotism is a sensitive one… but wait, haven’t we held back way too long already? I remember the first time the Chinese Oil drillers started doing their thing late 90`s correct me if I`m wrong… Even the US said they should`t be there, but what did we do? maybe its time to use our intellect to fight back, and use our minds to interpret and have the pen and paper as our weapon. There is a good reason why the Philippines is the number exporter of nurses and other professions… its because we are smart, hard-working, and have passion to our line of work. Now if I get dissed because of that, I wouldn’t be able to find the right degrading word to define them.

  50. Chris m The man from Manila says :

    Chip ahoy, chica, cheap tsao,,, well sorry, i’m very confuse and napraning on what this so called journalist have written about as filipino…. basta masasabi ko lang @#@$%^^&%$###$%^&(*&^^%$#@@@##$$##$$%#$$%$%$% P>I>

  51. Minnie says :

    Good comments!!!

    Yeah… Many families (including mine) depend on the remittances of OFW’s but just because they’re working there doesn’t mean the employers can be called “Masters”… Cheap Kaw is too obnoxious to consider himself master and he doesn’t deserve the services of hard-working Filipino people. He shouldn’t be a racist considering he’s also Asian.. In the US, many Chinese would hate to be discriminated as well as Filipinos so I think the only way we won’t be discriminated by the West is not to discriminate our kind as well.. We are all Asians, Philippines is not only a “HOME” to Filipinos but also to Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Indians, etc…

    Sorry to hear about your sister’s experience. My Dad, who’s an official in a tanker ship even experienced harassment from other officials but without him, matagal na sana na kimkim ng Somalian Pirates ang barko nila. Sana dumating ang araw, wala ng Pilipino ang maninilbihan sa lupa ng banyaga.

    I dunno if kasalanan ba natin na ipadala ang mga manggagawa sa ibang bansa para manilbihan o hangarin ang mabuting buhay para sa ating pamilya, pero alam ko na kahit ano pa ang danasin ng Pinoy sa kamay ng banyaga, kakayanin natin ang hamon at hindi basta-basta susuko ang lahing Pinoy!!!

    And lastly, domestic helpers are humans. They have rights & dignity. Even if they are employed, the employers do not own the rights of the dh. I’ll join whatever orgs there are to help these abused workers…

    And to CHIP TSAO, you’re a crap! You don’t own us & your apology already made a mark on our souls. I hope you’re happy w/ your words. It’s an eye-opener, yes, but it also broke many Filipino hearts. You are a heartless freak!

  52. Dennis says :

    Ah, yes…someone should also remind Chip Tsao ( To Kit ) that once upon a time Chinese labor was extensively used in building the American railroad system, especially in the West.

  53. uh-huh says :

    The chinese were there to drill because we do not have resources. and chinese too have proofs that they have a long line of history in spratly. Does not mean though that the piece of land is there. since, we have international boundaries to follow, and if that’s the case, then spratly should be ours. however, its all under debate now, and Chip Tsao’s shot at patriotism/defense was indeed uncalled for. Maybe he was he being sarcastic about the whole thing, and instead laughing at China. (could be, if you read the lines, the problem is, we dont). anyway, Chip should probably leave the issue at hand to the parties involved and let the international relations experts deal with it. Actually, its out of our hands as well. If the issue had been easy, then we would have settled this a long time ago.

    I smell a rat though. The US is again interfering in affairs it should not be involved in. Whenever i smell the country’s presence somewhere, i smell danger.. (prejudice huh, but see its record).

    And yes, the chinese were slaves, doing railroads. But heck, should we even go there?! We’re just making a fool out of ourselves. Digging up history when its actually irrelevant.

    Ask me why its irrelevant? Because the all of the east had been slaves of the west, US included. If im not mistaken, until now, WE STILL ARE SLAVES OF THE WEST. NOW DENY THAT.

    hear hear for Filipino patriotism. But i wonder if this is really about this. If we’re really patriotic, we would not bash other countries just because our egos were hurt, and then sing praises for the United States. Another foreign country. patriotic our asses. Patriotism? Heck not for this case. our big egos were hurt is all. And why should we be hurt by his comments? He’s ignorant, and much as that do not excuse what he said, that does not mean we should be affected either. maybe we should look inside and understand why we’re hurt. Maybe because its the truth? Hit a raw nerve huh.

  54. uh-huh says :

    **I mean, Does not mean though that the piece of land is theirs.

  55. lakmonster says :

    tsk tsk.

  56. R.B. BOY HAMTARO says :


  57. R.B. BOY HAMTARO says :

    EAST ASIA!!!!!

  58. madel says :

    stupid cheap tsao its not the filipinos are invading the island,that island belongs to us filipinos we jsut followed the international territorial law,let me remind u cheap tsao,chinese nationals are invading philippines and they are selling no quality products here just like your personality with no quality,we r not impressed by your tackless,arrogance way of expressing your opinion.we dont need your opinion, you are a shit. are you sure when u were at bbc you also didnt experienced descrimiantion? if not then why you leave bbc.i tell you what,cheap tsao,” YOU HAVE AN ATTITUDE PROBLEM,YOU ARE A RETARTED AND NEED TO SEEK PSYCHIATRIST ” but anyway we are still good people here we can extend our help if you need a mental hospital its our pleasure to help you.feel free to call us:2222nog

  59. ron castro says :

    Chip Tsao’s comment only shows his ignorance.He needs to do some more research on Chinese and Philippine history.He has no business having a column in a HK Magazine.An idiot like him is no more than a chinese pirate or a chinese shabu lab chemist that needs to be extinguish from the surface of this planet.

  60. ron castro says :

    If this idiot writer saw Jackie Chan and Owen Wilsons Shanghai Noon,Its a movie most of us saw.Maybe his dull brain can catch a slight glimpse of what do chinese used to do in the Old west.Chip Tsao,where have you been?

  61. Heronimo says :

    tama, wag naman nating lahatin na mga chekwa ay kagaya ni cheap tsao, karamihan nga lang kagaya nya. daming illegal na chekwa sa pinas dapat sa mga yan itapon sa sulu.

  62. pter says :

    yes we’re servants! i’m proud…

    “TSAO even your death wont ease the pain i bear. your death wont cleanse your dues to the filipino people”.

  63. jhenn says :

    you don’t deserve the forgiveness of the Filipinos..
    without the Pinoys who are working in your country, YOU as well as other people in your land are NOTHING!


  64. corny_flaky says :

    The worst way to deal with this whole Chip Tsao thing is to respond to his racism with the same. He made sweeping generalizations about Filipinos working abroad, and I’ve looked at a lot of blogs and the comments people made in them, and what is so glaringly noticeable is how a lot have responded by throwing back racial slurs against the Chinese. Chip Tsao was not writing about every Chinese person’s perception of their Filipino employees. His article was a personal opinion, and one that is satirical.

    What we can all agree on, however, is that his attempt at satire fell flat; he came across as very small-minded and ignorant — and as some people have said, exceedingly insecure. But I bet the whole point of him writing that article was to generate the exact outraged response that Filipinos have given in a bid for attention. The best way to deal with this is to just acknowledge it as what it is, a poorly-written, attention-grubbing attempt.

    Let’s not disparage the rest of our Chinese brethren. This behavior is not helpful in any way, and will only spark a war in words — or worse — between the offended parties. Who would seriously want that to happen? If we want to “defend our country” and “show patriotism”, let’s do it by not stooping to Chip Tsao’s level of pettiness. Let’s all be civilized human beings here. Let’s all just continue with doing our jobs well, wherever we Filipinos are in the world… now won’t that be the most dignified response to all this?

  65. Rolly says :

    Chip Tsao, you deliberately think that we Filipinos can’t understand English. With your elaboration of the word SERVANT, it only added insult to injury… Your sorry is BAD. If our countrymen work in other countries as servant, it does not connotes that we are a servants country. . . We have all the necessary human resources, . only we have thieves politicians especially in the senate where bill requires millions before our senators will sponsor a bill for approval (as divulge by Senator Meriam Defensor) Our government failed to improve the quality of education in the country especially in countryside…. Most Domestic Helpers working abroad are from the provinces where education was not seriously supported. They lack the necessary skills competency… TESDA are now coping up the short fall of the gfovernment which not supposed to happen.

    Cheap Chow, Spratly belong to the Philippines. If you knowmeasurement, measure the distance of Spratly from China and Distance of Spratly from the Philippines, whichever the nearest is the owner.

    Another issue which you capitalized is help extended by Chinese boss. Chinese with Filipino workers are not helping the Filipinos but instead they exploited them. It is the Filipino Workers that helps the economy of China because of paying very low salary…

    Discover the history of the Philippines Mr. Tsao, Filipinos was never ruled by communist because of our bravery… We fought for our independence… Not like you having that communist mentality, . . you are not the only human raise created by God, . . So be cautious before posting your irresponsible messages.
    Sorry to tell you Cheap Chow that you are not welcome to the Philippines, Ipakaon tika sa buaya namong pulitiko……..

  66. anne flores says :

    Mr. Chip Tsao shouldn’t be a writer, much more a columnist. To start with he doesn’t possess the right judgment and etiquette. A person such as him gives embarassment to all writers. He certainly lacks all the attitudes and upbringing. Such a pitiful person should consider going back to his parents and asked them to teach him some manners.

    He certanily doesn’t have the right to call the Philippines “the country of servants”… speaking so highly of one’s race… racist… and though he already apologized, his excuses were so lame. Just shows how pathetic and uneducated he was.

    All I can say is this cheap person should just keep his mouth close when he doesn’t have anything good to say. The Filipino people should never accept his apology no matter what. Have some dignity folks!!

  67. ram.fili;ino says :

    have you seen in movies,TVs or even in real life that we make fun of people with black skin, we call them negro,panget etc… and also chinese we make fun on their accent and we even sing butchiki…

    do you still remember what sen. miriam santiago said on her speech?

    “China invented civilization in the East, but as well it invented corruption for all of human civilization.”

    wasnt that racist?

    now if its our turn to be joke then we cry and say foul.. lets clean first our own house!!!!

    • Eat your breakfast says :

      “Butchiki” is not even close to what is pretty much slavery. There’s making fun of someone for their accent, and then there’s real racism where you treat another human being like an animal for having different genes than you do.

      We make fun of dark skin yes, because of our different standards of beauty, but have we ever actually mistreated an African? No. We make fun of the accent of recent Chinese immigrants, yes, but have we also ever really mistreated Chinese-Filipinos? Heck no.

      Several of our presidents are Chinese-Filipinos. There are tons of dark-skinned foreigners who have married Filipinas or actually live here. Filipino culture is inherently xenophilic. We love other cultures.

      Chinese culture on the other hand… I could forgive it if it happened once, but no. This kind of treatment of not only Filipinos, but also other Southeast Asians clearly shows that this is an endemic problem. A problem they also share with Middle Eastern countries. Both have a long history with slavery, and it seems they’ve never really abandoned those traditions.

  68. lys says :

    Hehe,,, Chinese can’t speak english, they are only trash specially here in the middle east. also,, all made in china products are all yup, all trash. 🙂 mga inggit lng yan.. mas magaling kasi tayo talaga sa mga yan.

  69. Noynoysad says :

    hmm..ram fili;ino is undeniably chinese..but I see his point. I also do agree with corny_flaky. In the case of Mirriam Santiago making such nasty remarks against Chinese, I cannot make a sane comment about it because I have no idea what caused her to be back lashing chinese, however, I do believe she must have said that out of personal bad experience from them and that makes it comprehensible knowing her sarcasm or temper or both. Calling the blacks negro and panget is not only confined to the Philippines, it is so general that it was even a lingo during the advent of apartheid. So the Philippines is not the sole claimant of blame as this is generic in the same manner as when the West discriminates Asian, it does not specify if your Filipino, Chinese, Japs or Koreans..it is said plainly as Asian. That song butchiki on the other hand is very domestic and is not worth making a parallel of this insult hurled by Tsao which is international in character, this being printed in HK magazine. Having said this, I think Fili;ino fell short in his parallelism. And besides this is not the right time for you Fili;ino to be moralizing as the wound is still too fresh to be slapped with your comments.

    Corny_flaky has a point. The mistake committed by one chinese does not speak of the minds of all chinese. This is a sweeping generalization that was not guarded well due to the hurt national pride of the Filipino. Each of us has chinese friends and they are not cheap tsao. Some of them are respectable chinese in the same manner as not all Filipinos act respectably. At some point we have committed the same pitfalls. Now that almost all have ventilated their sentiments, it’s time for us to be calm once more and think wisely before we say a word. Or else we will be starting the 3rd world war..hahhaha…Chinese in the Philippines is a sweeping reality. They are here even before the Spaniards came to rule us. And until now they are here with us, living with us and have seeped thoroughly in Filipino consciousness and for all good reason, undeniably, there is this chinese blood rushing through our veins. So let us spare our chinese brethren.

    While Cheap Tsao apologized, I would say it was more of adding insult to injury than a sincere apology. He made a serious mistake of insulting the intelligence of not only Filipinos but the whole reading masses as well. First: he is supposed to be a journalist and was even a mediaman for British Broadcasting Corporation, an English speaking media in the West, therefore, we can safely presume that he has a good command of English, thus, knows every words he wrote. He cannot simply claim and redefine his definition of the word “servant” by associating it with being “sacred as their public officials are public servants”. That is too lame!! Walking through his article, clearly, he defined it with gross discrimination humiliation. He intentionally made a very grotesque picture of what a servant is. Mentioning of his Filipina household help to be a graduate of International Relations in one of the universities in Manila, castigating her in an issue far beyond his understanding. Telling his readers the salary she is receiving and all. Now, will that excuse him of his new found definition of the word “servant”? That excuse only made the matter worst. Why can’t he just say sorry, I have crossed the line.. I think that is more acceptable than making fun and insult to the intelligence of us Filipinos.

    This man really is a total moron!

  70. Noynoysad says :

    on the hindsight and moving on, I hope our government has already learned their lesson which they should have learned a long time ago anyway. I hope this fiery nationalism of all Filipinos on the issue would rehabilitate them from their burning greed. Sirs and Ma’am, for once learn this lesson. Exporting our people abroad is not the only mechanism wherein we can fuel our economy. I remembered you have this program for “Super Maids” through TESDA… do you take pride on that? being a DH is undeniably and dignified profession. But when that profession becomes a leverage for other nations to step down on our national pride then I think we should think again. Everyday, we hear and read in the papers about corruptions in the government amounting to millions and billions of dollars. If these amount are used wisely, these alone can help us isolate our people from poverty and generate employment to our people.

  71. candy says :

    Bagay sau ang name mo! CHEAP tsao! Asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  72. jem says :

    kill cheap tsao !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!F!!!!!!!U!!!!!!!!!!!!C!!!!!!!!!K!!!!!
    Y!!!!!!!!!!!!O!!!!!!!U!!!!!!!!CHEAP TSAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Castillo says :

    To all bloggers who have responded Cheap Tsao’s article by throwing back racial slurs against the Chinese in general: Go to hell!!! You are a disgrace to your own nation. Target Cheap Tsao and Cheap Tsao only! Why insult the other Chinese people or the Chinese nation as a whole? Why smear the whole Chinese culture because one imbecile and lunatic Chinese journalists insulted you? Saying remarks such as “illegal na chekwa dapat itapon sa Sulu”,” China: Sick Man of Asia”, “Nation of prostitutes”, “Fucking Chinese cheap as Yuan Currency”, “nation of pigs”, “mababantot na tao”, “maliliit ang titi” and many more just shows that you are moron, immature, unprofessional, garbage and racist like Cheap Tsao!

  74. Ed says :

    Chip Tao’s article is quite despicable. The Filipinos’ willingness to do cheap jobs overseas, like being a maid in Hongkong, does not make us cheap. But Tsao’s feeling of superiority over the “nation of servants” makes him cheap. Shouldn’t he be called “Cheap” Tao then? Or, sa tagalog pa, tsip na tao sya! I wonder how he could manage to do what he loves to do if he has no Filipino “domestic assistant,” a.k.a. maid. Oh yes, he could write but live in a pigsty. And for him to tie self worth with wealth and power, which may be there but gone tomorrow, reveals shallowness in his thinking. Remember the Israelites in Egypt? They, too, were servants; no, more than that–they were “slaves.” But that did not diminish their worth as God’s people. They had their own failings, but finally, by the grace of God, they were brought to the land of promise, the land “flowing with milk and honey.” Today Israel is a more prosperous and powerful nation than Egypt. Thus, it is not wise to equate one’s worth with something as temporary as wealth and power.

    Ed Fernandez
    For best results, please view this site using Mozilla Firefox

  75. Valentin says :

    Whether Chip Tsao cross the line between satirical humor and racism is not the urgent issue. The man already apologized (whether he was forced or not), and his Pinay servant is treated well. It doesn’t change the fact that Hong Kong still provides jobs for Filipinos.

    The real issues are the Spratlys, and the insufficient jobs/ income in the Philippines. These 2 issues have very dangerous consequences.

    China is one of the world’s cradle of military learning ( History’s greatest in military such as Genghis Khan, Hitler, MacArthur, etc learned something that originated from China). I suggest that Filipinos think deeply about a military confrontation with them.

    The inability of Filipinos of providing sufficient jobs/ income for himself is far serious than Chip Tsao. We say the problem is the corrupt Philippine government. But also deserving introspection, are these deep foundational matters:
    1.) The industries of Spanish–conquered nations are heavy on Arts & Entertainment rather than industrial. These arts & entertainment industries are non-urgent, non-function, and can not be sold in the international market. On the other hand, the $840 billion worth of Philippine mining is dominated by foreign investors. It’s common sense, big-time source of income/ jobs goes to somebody else.

    2.) Filipino Malay heritage (outside of colonial Spain & United States) in commerce, industries, engineering, and philosophies (pertaining to commerce/ industries) did not reach that stage where it’s capable of producing jobs for himself.

    The reason why the Filipinos are global in employment is because of the modern education given by the United States, an external force. The Filipinos didn’t figure out modern education, which happens to be the main weapon to seek jobs elsewhere.

    I say forgive & forget Chip tsao and focus on these deep foundational matters, because they are very humbling and are next to impossibility to fix.

  76. Zeusmariozep says :


  77. Zeusmariozep says :

    他妈的你!!!! Cheap “The Asshole” Tsao!!!

  78. nubehhhh says :

    Golly Banana. It’s a satire folks. Quit showing how unsophisticated and ignorant you are especially if you continue on like this. My UK boss says that its a common thing back in their home. And HK had been conquered by UK so you get the drift..

    Anyway, the politicians are sophisticated to understand this. They just want an issue to ride on..

    On the other hand, look at how Chip Tsao apologized. Because of all of our stupid and very violent reactions, he think he cannot say the truth that its a satire, coz maybe we’ll be stupid and not understand it. Therefore, he gave us a more moronic apology, which truthfully, does not make any sense, AND shows no correlation to the article.. Now we’re stamped with the image of being STUPID.

  79. nubehhhh says :

    Chip Tsao just wants to show China is getting absurd with its nationalistic policies and absurd claims on Spratly. He’s actually on our side. hayyy. People, how can he shows the map to Louisa and tell them that Spratly is near China when its obvious that its not! He was telling China to stop being moronic, not us.

  80. Ed says :

    Looks like a simple prose to me, not satire which is defined as follows:

    1 : a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn
    2 : trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly
    (see http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/satire)

    Even if it is, which it is not, the meaning of what he is saying is quite clear; and what vices or follies is he holding up or exposing anyway? We understand clearly and are not stupid or morons.

  81. Castillo says :

    As for Cheap Chow’s actions, they are really detestable and should be punished. If the Chinese authorities did not punish them. The Filipinos should do it themselves. Search some skeletons in his closet, dig it out and smear it back at his face.

  82. Jayvee Holmes says :

    Maybe he should be taken by the Abu Sayyaf and then let’s see if any – any at all – of our “servant” military men would raise a finger in rescuing him. Let’s see how tough he really is. The ASG should give him a lecture too (just like he did his Filipina maid)! And he’ll wish it were a veeeerrrryyy long lecture because once it’s done it’s chop chop time!
    What he did was a cheap shot, plain and simple. Pun not intended.

  83. Bryan says :

    I just wish his folly is made know worldwide. Someone should notify someone.

  84. Mike V says :

    This is in response to Mr. Chip Tsao. In my on colloquial dialect, Chip means cheap and Tsao because of the letter T means saw saw. To submerged then leak it. Other meaning, To vomit and Tsao or chew it back. No wonder his name reflect his own writing, character and image.

    I regret for him and describe him as a faded author, a loser of his own generation. He has a crab mentality, tried to climb up for quick return and publicity. He use his influence and flex his muscle to find his missing link. He considered himself patriotic and proudly declaring to have his assistant working with him 16 hours daily… barbaridad!…an angel of death. One more thing he plan another extra hours to his assistant just to tell and shout in the Square “China, Spratly, Sir/Madam in return for an increase salary to his assistant. Wow.. not compulsory but necessary. What`s that a passive income?

    I wonder why Mr Cheap Saw saw echoing his claim. In his credentials I assume he is an educated man, yet unwise. He failed one thing “common sense”. He claimed himself NOT patriotic but chaotic, because he created havoc and shame not only to the Filipinos but also Chinese people, especially the “Chinoy” or Filipino Chinese.

    Geographically, China is a vast country and densely populated. Other people lives in lakes, river banks and other called the boat people. Others were Li Mahongs Pirate crew roaming in the Malacca straight. Others went to migrate to Taiwan under the leadership of Dr. Sun Yat Sen the Koumintang party. Others came to the Philippines and in order to gain status married our sisters. Because of their ability to barter, trade, business like gambling, five six lending with collateral, they flourish like a wild fire. They paid to the government “axe” or taxes. Meaning the paid sub standard taxes. For example, delivery of goods had been issued partial receipt just encase there were a spot checking in roads and hi ways.

    To Mr. Cheap, stop Barking like Dogs. And don`t race your own tail. Now you are waggling your tail by asking an apology.


    I hope history will not repeat itself. We Filipinos, must take action, before it is Saba. At present the Spatly. Don`t tell me Mr Cheap that next is Binondo, Manila`s China Town.

  85. jojo r. says :

    Kung talagang journalist nga na matatawag si Chip Tsao dapat sana ay may respeto sya sa karapatan at kalooban ng mga taong naghahanap-buhay sa hongkong. mukhang wala siyang modo at mal edukado kung manghusga ng mga Pilipino, alalahanin nya kung di sa mga Pinoy dto sa pilipinas di uunlad ang bansa nila, kahit patapon ang mga produktong intsik tinatangkilik pa rin natin. Dapat i-ban ang mga produkto ng mga tulo laway na yan dito sa bansa natin, matagal na rin tayong pinapahirapan ng mga tulo laway na yan. Para kay Chip Tsao wala kang kwentang journalist, you don’t deserve to be on that position you must have a good attitude and respect of others feelings.

  86. Maya from Canada says :

    Tsao only saw those Filipinos working as DH in HK. Too bad he had never been to Western countries ‘coz so many Filipinos are working here with white collared jobs. White people laughed on Chinese ‘coz they cannot speak, read & write English, very illiterate like him.

    But I admire him for opening his big mouth criticizing people who are more educated than him.

    IN Western countries, we are called employees and NOT servants ‘coz the Western people are more civilized than Chinese people.

    I feel sorry for him, maybe he is jealous with those DH ‘coz they have more education than him. Maybe they can speak English better than him & any other Chinese in HK.

  87. Adrian says :

    Yes Yes Yes, Chip Tsao was wrong and he do admit it. He really crossed the line on it. But does anybody here knows someone who do the same for the chinese? I am just reversing the situation here. Let me refresh you guys, I am sure everybody knows our dear UN Ambassador Baja. Ang respetadong ambassador natin sa UN na nakatira on a very nice uptown condominium at Lower Manhattan, New York. He had a Chinese maid there and made her work up to 16 hours per day. Her pay is merely $100 per month. Ang masakit nito di pa binabayaran ang pobreng katulong kung di pa pumunta sa mga TV stations here dito sa USA. He is not a journalist but a law maker at the UN.. The police could not do anything from it because of the so called Diplomatic Immunity. Now my point is, siguro dapat muna nating tingnan ang mukha natin sa salamin bago tayo manghusga sa iba. Alam kong masakit ang nangyari kay Luisa at nadama nating lahat iyon sa pangiinsulto ni Chip Tsao ngunit mas masakit siguro sa atin ang ginawa ni Ambassador Baja sa reputasyon nang Pilipinas.

  88. Rie Rie says :

    I saw the long march by Philippine’s maid yesterday(April 4) and I have talked to them heart to heart. Sad to say, this statement of Tsao has been read differently both by either Philippians or Chinese.

    This statement is about two countries not about a maid and her employer, and I think between Tsao and his maid has been carried out by their nationalism. In my opinion, if there is a war at home should be solved at home, you don’t need to hurt the nations feeling. writing is sharper than a knife.

  89. Valentin says :

    CHIP TSAO IS JUST A SKIN DEEP ISSUE, just like Mariah Carey’s (brown Monkey), Howard Stern’s (Filipinas on prostitution), Desperate Housewives ( Diplomas)—They will all be forgotten.


    Filipinos, show character and focus on the problem where it matters!

  90. Valentin says :

    oops, I mean the INABILITY of the Filipinos to provide sufficient jobs is the problem. This is not just a government issue, but an issue of culture.

    Chip Tsao’s comment will be forgotten, but our inabilities will always be there if not addressed.

  91. RM2580 says :

    I have been living in California for 17 years now, and though I am an American citizen, my heart is still fully Filipino. I am 100% positive that all the success I have gained in my career is part of my Filipino upbringing, values, and my primary and secondary education in Manila.

    I know people are hurt by the comment made by Chip Tsao, but really, can we blame him? THE ONE THAT SHOULD APOLOGIZE IS THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT, FOR THEY HAVE PUT THE FILIPINO PEOPLE DOWN!

    I have the opportunity to travel around the world on a very frequent basis and I am always glad to meet fellow Filipinos that work abroad. Most of the time, I meet Filipino maids, shop workers, and caregivers. Some of the Filipinos I met in my travels, a woman from Dagupan who works Milan as a maid, but was teacher in the Philippines. A DLSU graduate that works as help in a computer shop in Venice, UST grads that work in Amsterdam as maids, even told me they do massage on the side. I was in Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Istanbul and there to, Pinoys that work as maids. But what surprised me the most is a recent visit to Montevideo, Uruguay, a country as poor as the Philippines, yet, met some Pinoys that worked as caregivers. Now how did that happen? A country so poor, third world, but they can employ Filipino “servants”

    I know it hurts what Tsao said, but you can’t help it, we have set a stereotype for Filipinos. Now was this the fault of the foreign countries? The Philippine Goverment allowed that to happen. Diba sila ang mga bagong bayani? I commend the OFW’s but do we just accept the fact that there is no work in the Philippines, that’s why we need to settle for “servant” jobs abroad.

    Let Tsao’s comment be a wake up call! Instead of asking him for an apology, we should all wake up to reality, and do something about it!

  92. chummin says :


  93. mae says :

    as my opinion, di po kasalanan ng mga pilipino na magwork sa ibang bansa. why, because kung meron lang taung mapagkukunan ng pera or work here in Philippines, im sure di na natin kaylangan mangibang bansa. di ba??? besides, about naman dun kay chip tsao, di naman tama na magsalita pa sya ng ganun kasi even Chinese people work as katulong in other country….tsaka di naman dapat na ipamuka satin na ganun tayo kasi lahat ng tao ganun din, walang malinis. tsaka di po natin kasalanan ang pagiging pokpok ng ibang pinay kasi dahil nga sa kakulangan ng kaalaman due to puberty here in Philippines, wala na silang ibang maisip na paraan to earn money..so, as i said di po natin dapat sisihin ang mga pilipino na nagwowork in other country…thanx…

  94. mae says :

    “no one is perfect”

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