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A people with long history decides what makes a sacred mountain

A good read is what I consider Elson Elizaga’s piece on MindaNews about “Selling a Sacred Mountain”.

There are similar cases of such situation in the province of Bukidnon.

From my encounters with respected tribal leaders and elders, it is a long history of clans and tribes that determine what makes a sacred mountain and other people may have no choice but respect the mountains and other areas as part of other people’s ancestral domain.

This is a situation when development comes head on with respect for people and their culture, history, and traditions.

Surely, there are varying schools of thoughts that can articulate this issue

But not a theory can probably contest the universal value of mutual respect.

Read his full article here.


Good luck to the 2008 Bar examinees!

Reports from Manila-based media say the results of the 2008 Bar examinations will be released tonight.

Congratulations to those who made it.Welcome new lawyers! May your flock help solve the problems of the country, help bring peace, justice, order, and progress to our land.

For those who need to take it again, God Bless!

Where are the ICRC hostages?

What’s up about this painful ordeal?

Hope-full stories I think are not of help. We feed on hard facts. We need to know the truth already. We had been kept hanging unfairly.

Are they alive or not? We pray they are.