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Touching base: Istambay goes to school

It must have been months ago since I last posted an entry here. In fact I came to a point of really being unmindful of my blogs.

But once a blogger, always a blogger. And so here I am again not promising to return to active blogosphere  citizenship but showing desire to return so.

Apart from the summer schedule of workshops given and trainings attended, I was actually eaten by the monster that is preparing back to school.

I have enrolled into an MA Journalism program of the Asian Center for Journalism in Ateneo de Manila University. I thought I was lucky enough because its an online course, but now that the classes have started I consider my self having second thoughts. 

Why did I make life more complicated. Of course, I”m kidding. he experience is refreshing enough for my work and for life in general. 

This might appear as a caveat on my failure to update (as if somebody took notice). But for me this is just a submission of intent to renew one of these days my passport to our blogging experience.

Best regards to everyone.