Does corruption perpetuate conflict? Look at Mindanao!

Yes! The answer is in the survey conducted by Konsult Mindanao,  a group created early this year as a research arm of the Bishops-Ulama Conference.

“Corruption poses a serious threat to the attainment of lasting peace in Mindanao, respondents to a Mindanao-wide survey believe so.  They said that during a review of the initial results of a “Community Dialogue and Consultation on Peace” in mid-September, its researchers “noted a significant number of respondents saying that corruption posed a serious threat to the attainment of lasting peace in Mindanao.”

Konsult Mindanao has so far completed more than 300 focus group discussions involving nearly 5,000 respondents across the island.

MindaNews reported on September 22 that:

One of the initial findings of the focus group discussions says “Respondents across regions say that corruption among government leaders is the source of the (Mindanao) problem.”

“Respondents said that money lost to corruption could have been spent for basic education, primary health care, and alternative livelihood initiatives in grassroots communities,” Konsult Mindanaw said.

We deserve a more detailed presentation of this findings and we challenge Konsult Mindanao to provide us more light.

Read more of the MindaNews report here.


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One response to “Does corruption perpetuate conflict? Look at Mindanao!”

  1. Mike says :

    As if the situation with Gordon Elletson and Rufus Rodriguez wasn’t enough we now have a Cagayan de Oro based Hubo-Hubo bar owner (a pimp) by the name of Michael Mountstephen stating in no uncertain terms that he has political protection in Cagayan de Oro.

    I wonder what the price of impunity is in CDO? Who knows but this Hubo-Hubo bar owner states its cheaper than in Cebu and goes on to state the Mayor and a News Paper editor are amongst his protectors.

    Please see link for direct quotes regarding the statements this expatriate is making.

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