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Mindanao in random darkness

In less than a month, from February 11 to March 3, Mindanao’s reported power shortage jumped from 156 megawatts to 510 megawatts. It’s more than triple the volume now.

Is this imagined or a reality (as shown here), the doubt is there but the random brownouts are making a dent already.

Electric cooperatives have felt that sting, not just their consumers. They have asked for immediate response from President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.  Check their appeal here.Is it coming? Gladly, some sectors moved swiftly like the local government of Iligan City.

Some others are thinking of mitigating measures to hasten the problem of generation, like the Fibeco, a Bukidnon electric cooperative now looking at dredging the Pulangi from silts and produce it into bricks.

Here’s more from MindaNews:

The El Nino phenomenon is allegedly to  blame for the daily brownouts in Mindanao: one  hour in Davao City; a total of eight hours — from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m.; 11 a.m to  2 p.m. — in Kidapawan City, home to the Mt. Apo Geothermal Power  Plant; five to six hours in Butuan; one hour thrice daily in General Santos; at least two hours in Tagum; four  hours in Cagayan de Oro; six hours total in South Cotabato; four hours in Surigao del Sur; five to six hours in Ozamiz; six hours in Bukidnon; two hours in Iligan, home to the Maria Cristina Falls; etc…

The total number of hours of daily brownouts this year, however, has not reached the level of the early 1990s when brownouts were longer and generators were bestsellers. Continue reading the update here.