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Accompanied by the bees and night insects


After a blog hiatus, I am tempted to key in a few
sentences. For several weeks and nights I’ve toiled the night for this research. I’m happy to be able to do this.

It might have meant a number of sleepless nights.I am, however, looking at the end of this.

I am taking one step at a time. I know I am too delayed already.
But I surmised that if I run this more than I could handle, I might burn out.

So, while I’m stuck in the methodology and the review of related literature; I could not miss playing my role as the organizer of the children’s Easter Egg Hunt!

In between the transcripts of my 12 interviews and the search for my research limitations, and the problem of filing news reports in a dry Holy week, I try to squeeze in my schedule the complete screening of the “3 Idiots.”

Superb movie. Got me into laughter, tears, and action.

Perhaps, also a renewed positive and cheerful attitude towards life’s challenges.

“All is well!”

Happy Easter!