Cardinal Quevedo

Congrats and prayers for God’s servant Orlando Cardinal Quevedo. I remember in our trips to Cotabato, the MindaNews team would drop by him. Aside from light moments with the humble bishop, my favourite part is when we invade his ref for ice cream.

I have a reflection upon hearing the news that Mindanao finally has a cardinal. It could be a sign that the Vatican now sees Mindanao as even more important in its work.  It could also be a drop of coin for peace: the Pope appoints him as Cardinal – sending him to do more prayers and work for peace.

In the Gospel, when God puts up a man in his ministry – aside from trust, God actually gives the man more work, more responsibility. He actually sends the person to buckle down to earth for work. It’s not really elevating them but making them more grounded.

I think his appointment came late – he deserved it earlier. Mindanao deserved a Cardinal long before. But yes, God’s time takes its pace.

We should see more of the cardinal going around Mindanao for the work he has already started for peace. In the parishes, in the GKKS, in the dioceses – not in St. Peter’s. Good luck sir and God bless!


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