Mistakes, a reflection

Sometimes, we are in a hurry. And in the course, we make mistakes.

Yes, we can race with time and run (or drive) faster than we used to just to catch up.  Yes, sometimes, we can be there and beat the deadline. But sometimes the problem is we forget some other aspects.

I drove from home to work to catch an interview. I made it. But in the rush, I inadvertently turned the park lights on. I learned about it hours later. So, car battery went drained. What a waste. I’m glad the car electrician was on call. To the rescue he takes the battery to his shop. After an hour, I get it back. He gets some bucks in return.

That’s the cost. That’s the Pxxx.xx mistake. I hated the incident. I promised to learn from this.

Lesson: try not to be in a rush situation so the case will not be repeated. In case it is inevitable/ unavoidable try to be more watchful. After the rush, review, go back to the way and check.

Lastly, maybe take out MSG or ‘instant seasoning from Lunch or dinner.

But really, we cant blame substances all the time.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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