Difficult but needed …

It was a mess for me going through my research for my Master’s project for my MA in Journalism in Ateneo de Manila U. It was time to pin a blame on something, which I can trace only back to my discipline as a student and as a researcher.
Cramming didn’t help. What made it more messy is the fact that I need to juggle between studying, researching, and working the toils of community journalism.
But it was a necessary move. It was imperative. I owe it to my benefactors at the fellowship, to my news organization who nominated me, to my media community, to family, and to the expected beneficiary of my scholarship. 
I hope finally it gave me the license to apply for my much desired formal entry to media education and training. 

I had been invited to teach journalism at the university. I have been placed in a position also to facilitate the training and media events committee of my mother news organization. The MA in Journ was and is the redemption.

Indeed, it was a difficult endeavor but a much needed one. As friends would say, why make life more complicated? It already is. 


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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