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Cardinal Quevedo

Congrats and prayers for God’s servant Orlando Cardinal Quevedo. I remember in our trips to Cotabato, the MindaNews team would drop by him. Aside from light moments with the humble bishop, my favourite part is when we invade his ref for ice cream.

I have a reflection upon hearing the news that Mindanao finally has a cardinal. It could be a sign that the Vatican now sees Mindanao as even more important in its work.  It could also be a drop of coin for peace: the Pope appoints him as Cardinal – sending him to do more prayers and work for peace.

In the Gospel, when God puts up a man in his ministry – aside from trust, God actually gives the man more work, more responsibility. He actually sends the person to buckle down to earth for work. It’s not really elevating them but making them more grounded.

I think his appointment came late – he deserved it earlier. Mindanao deserved a Cardinal long before. But yes, God’s time takes its pace.

We should see more of the cardinal going around Mindanao for the work he has already started for peace. In the parishes, in the GKKS, in the dioceses – not in St. Peter’s. Good luck sir and God bless!



I can’t delay this. Perhaps there is no other time.

I have due respect for the competent people at Reuters, but I have to raise this one.

Reading the news below have disturbed me as a resident in Mindanao and as a citizen relating to many decent Muslims everyday.

There is clearly bias here and stereotype —working to anticipate a public notion.

If its the hideout that is suspected to be of the terrorists, where is the connection to “Islamic militants?” as presented in the first paragraph? Is terrorism = Islamic militants? Are we sure the government has learned to distinguish between an Islamic militant and a law-abiding citizen? Read More…

Nur didn’t make it to Jeddah meeting: report

According to this report by MindaNews’ Carolyn O. Arguillas, detained Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) chair Nur Misuari, was not able to leave for Jeddah to attend the Tripartite Meeting of the MNLF, the government of the Republic of the Philippines and the Organization of Islamic Conference.

“Misuari was supposed to have left with his delegation and the Philippine delegation headed by Undersecretary Nabil Tan at 12:20 a.m. November 9 on board Emirates Flight EK 335, but was not allowed to leave for failing to submit a “sovereign guarantee” from Saudi Arabia that he would return to the Philippines immediately after the November 10 to 12 meeting in Jeddah,” the report said. Read the rest of the report on

The meeting, according to the report, would push through despite Misuari’s absence. The meetings, postponed several times since last year, was scheduled to review (and correct?) the implementation of the 1996 Final Peace Agreement between the MNLF and the government.

Davao choral group wins Asian tilt

Davao City’s renowned Himig Singers won the grand prize of the 1st Asian Choir Games in Jakarta, Indonesia over the weekend, City Councilor Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz said. But Ortiz still could not give other details of the group’s victory. The all-Dabawenyo choral group won in one of the 21 categories of the pioneering tilt participated by more than 70 choral groups, mostly Indonesian-based, from around Asia-Pacific.  

The group was one of 12 from the Philippines that competed in various categories in the competition.  According to the competition’s website, the group was conducted by Aldwin Curambao and Alvin E. Aviola.  

The other Mindanao-based group in the competition is the Xavier University Glee Club from Cagayan de Oro City.  Read the rest of the report on

One condescending story

I found in my blog’s search engine terms yesterday the name of controversial Manila Standard Today society columnist Malu Fernandez. By this time, I think I am the last to know in this recent public uproar against an article she wrote for People Asia magazine.

Better late than never. I’m tempted to add a few takes on this.

I had searched for her original texts, to no avail. Instead I found in the world wide web hundreds of threads on her.

Her columns that depicted her view of overseas Filipino workers enraged OFWs around the world. Try these comments here on a special blog.

Fernandez have reportedly resigned from MST, according to this story amid calls to fire her. My initial reaction was to ban the magazine, too, for running that story.

Manuel Quezon III even suggested a more direct way of getting even in this post.

Fernandez said she was only being true to herself even if she loudly sounded to condescend. Kung sa Binisaya pa, Naka minus gyud siya! She sounded as if Filipino workers were pests loitering her peripherals. What was her concept of “self”? Something that is devoid of identity and sensibility?

Did the writer feed a bashing-hungry audience who shared her views on OFWs? I think there is a greater need to search for relevance, using this case as a wake-up call.

I wish I could take her side. Unfortunatly, I will not come near her. I belong to the hoi polloi, the common people which makes her slash her wrist.

Saudi market welcomes Dabawenyo products

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/5 Jul) – Davao-made products introduced recently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were received well by local traders, distributors and by overseas Filipino workers there, an official of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said.

The announcement came four months after a 14-member DTI-led trade mission from Mindanao went to Saudi Arabia to promote trading between businessmen and investors from both areas.

The DTI, in a press release Thursday, announced two products produced by Davao-based Sagrex Foods, Inc., which received positive response.

Read the rest of the report on

(New) Duty Free Philippines back in Davao with 2 shops

Sorry for an indiscretion. I realized an earlier post on the subject was inaccurate. I hope I could give better information from this.

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/27 June) — Duty Free Philippines opened today
its shops at the Davao International Airport, one of two stores it is
opening here after it pulled out in the late 1990s. It returned to
Davao due to the city’s rising tourist arrivals and a growing
remittance of returning overseas Filipino workers.

Michael Christian Kho, DFP general manager, said they have opened at the Davao
airport for the first time because of the bright prospects of the
local tourism industry.

He said Davao City’s tourism has notably increased and DFP considered
the comeback after careful feasibility studies. DFP opened two small
shops within the airport, at the departure and arrival areas selling
liquor, tobacco, confectioneries and chocolates, fashion and
accessories, and perfumes. Read More…