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The “Bukidnon Our Home” place blog

Since last month, I started publishing the Bukidnon Our Home blog (formerly Bukidnon My Home).

So far I am enjoying it and slowly it has gained traffic. I was contemplating whether I should continue a strain of posts that offered only the good news. The reason of doubt is I feel that Bukidnon people from around the world wanted to get as much accuracy of the situation as possible.

To add to the features of the Bukidnon place blog, I wish to link it with more bloggers especially the place bloggers of the province’s 20 towns, two cities, and 464 barangays!

Of course I decided to show bias for the good news but I will not blur on the bad news too.

I plan to appear in a meeting of an association of Bukidnon’s public information officers next month to share to them the potentials of blogging. The move will be an effort to reestablish link with them for my journalistic endeavors, too.


Mindanao is “One”: with some parts scarred, ruined, healing, growing

“There is only one Mindanao”.

We don’t have a Mindanao with two faces.

But the “one face” is scarred in some parts, ruined in another, healing in most parts, and mostly growing.”

I got into this reflection over the weekend when asked in an informal forum on whether there are two Mindanaos.

I said there is only one Mindanao. I compared it to the human anatomy.

Maybe the whole body is OK. But there are some parts that are injured –and the pain shows in the face of Mindanao, as others might see as the image of Mindanao.

Yes, we have to recognize that Mindanao has 27 provinces and 33 cities. Each province and city has distinct history, culture, plans, circumstances, and challenges.

But since these provinces and cities belong to one homeland or heart land, there are dynamics that occur in each locality that affects the others. The growth or pain in one, could be felt in another.

The way to heal the ailing part is not to cut it or to conceal it or just to forget about it.

There is not just one solution. There could be many ways to approach it. But it has to be cured using direct and indirect means. There has to be a constant search to find these means.

Maranaos assert their right to peace vs. war in Mindanao

Bobby Timonera based in Iligan City reports for MindaNews that Maranaos call on thge United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Conference to help end war in Mindanao.

In a rally in Marawi City on October 2,  his MindaNews report said that at the end of the month-long Ramadhan, Maranaos there staged a rally right in the heart of the city Thursday morning to call on the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Conference to intervene to stop the war in Mindanao and for
the government to honor the botched Memorandum of Agreement on the Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD).

With placards and streamers mostly in blue and green, the 1,000 protesters then marched under the mid-morning sun towards the headquarters of the Army’s 103rd Infantry Brigade to hold yet another
rally, ending just before noon. Read full story here.

This is a favorable show of real people power, asserting their right to peace in their homeland.

Plagiarizing just to be ahead

I feed on words and the elements of composition. Writing news is my bread and butter. And I go to the field spending my meager resources to get the facts myself in an effort to get it right.

I may not be the best in what I’m doing, but I have always tried to do and give my best in every story I cover.

When I get to file my articles, I draw my motivation in the thought that I have reported about something that is useful to the community.

Sometimes, the effort is not well-rewarded. It can be called labor of love, nah, maybe labor of the stubborn-headed journalist who choose a more complicated job over comfort.

I’m cool with this as this is a life choice.

But it bleeds my heart to find some of my articles appear in other peoples’ sites and publications without attribution. Read More…

EMB to consider Bukidnon’s moratorium on ECC issuance

The Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has agreed to consider Bukidnon’s request for consideration in the approval of environmental compliance certificate (ECC)  for projects based in the province. Read full report here.

IMT pull out due to stalled talks – official

Malaysia’s decision to cease sending a peace monitoring team to Mindanao when the current team’s mandate ends in September, is due to non-progress in peace talks between the Philippines Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said this as quoted by

He said in order for a resolution of the conflict, both sides must show goodwill. Read full Bernama report here.

The pull is not in  the Malaysian side even if the recent announcement is five months ahead  of their commitment to stay put, in September.

It is sort of a kind of pressure to both parties of the peace process, the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front to show progress in the talks.

MindaNews reported about the pull out here and the drag it might cause to the peace process here.

Peace groups in Mindanao are asking the monitors to stay.

Mindanao biz speak up on government’s anti-graft focus

Mindanao traders are keen on seeing government putting up systems to prevent corruption rather than seeing suspects charged and convicted, an official of the Mindanao Business Council (MinBC) said.

Vicente Lao, MinBC chair, told a press conference for the road show here Friday of the multi-sectoral National Anti-Corruption Program for Action (NACPA), that businessmen have simpler wishes: that procedures were implemented to prevent graft and corrupt practices to prosper.

“We don’t like to see a lot of people being convicted. Instead, we would like to see systems institutionalized to prevent corruption,” he told the press conference presided by TanodBayan Maria Merceditas Gutierrez.

 Read the rest of the report at