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Cardinal Quevedo

Congrats and prayers for God’s servant Orlando Cardinal Quevedo. I remember in our trips to Cotabato, the MindaNews team would drop by him. Aside from light moments with the humble bishop, my favourite part is when we invade his ref for ice cream.

I have a reflection upon hearing the news that Mindanao finally has a cardinal. It could be a sign that the Vatican now sees Mindanao as even more important in its work.  It could also be a drop of coin for peace: the Pope appoints him as Cardinal – sending him to do more prayers and work for peace.

In the Gospel, when God puts up a man in his ministry – aside from trust, God actually gives the man more work, more responsibility. He actually sends the person to buckle down to earth for work. It’s not really elevating them but making them more grounded.

I think his appointment came late – he deserved it earlier. Mindanao deserved a Cardinal long before. But yes, God’s time takes its pace.

We should see more of the cardinal going around Mindanao for the work he has already started for peace. In the parishes, in the GKKS, in the dioceses – not in St. Peter’s. Good luck sir and God bless!


Mindanao Week of Peace starts today

For the ninth time this year, the Bishops-Ulama Conference has held on to the ground by leading the celebrations for the Mindanao Week of Peace (MWOP).

The BUC adopted Zamboanga City’s Peace Week and made it Mindanao-wide in 1999.

For almost a decade, the peace weeks have been opportunities for “peace weavers” to reflect on the need for peace in Mindanao, every stakeholder’s role and what has been done to attain lasting peace. Read More…

Legislators want Shari’ah courts in Davao City

The City Council unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday urging the creation of at least a Shari’ah circuit and district court court here.  The resolution was sponsored by Councilor Amilbangsa Manding, President of the Association of Barangay Councils, to help free the regular courts of cases involving Muslims.

Estimated at around 150,000, Muslims here constitute 10% of the Davao City’s 1.4 million population. Read the rest of the report on

All eyes on Burma’s monk power

No other country in South East Asia interests me more than Burma. My interest is keener now with what is unfolding.

We have learned of tens of thousands of monks’ recent peaceful street protests challenging the decades old rule of the military junta. The internet brought us images and stories about the events.

Many see the development as a turning point of Burma’s history.

Is this show of monks’ power bound to follow the Philippines EDSA people power and Indonesia’s student power?

We shall see. The world is watching closely. Even from Mindanao, thousands of miles away, the view is clear. There’s going to be long, turbulent, and historic days ahead. Read More…

Preventing Fr. Bossi’s I shall return

Fr. Giancarlo Bossi won’t be reassigned to Mindanao, at least not yet, the head of his missionary group said in a report posted Sunday at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines website.

Fr. Gian Battista Zanchi, superior general of the Pontifical Foreign Missions (PIME) said Bossi won’t be assigned to Mindanao even if the Italian priest, freed after a 39-day abduction, wished he would return to his pre-kidnap days in his parish in Payao, Zamboanga Sibugay.

Read the rest of the report on

Fr. Bossi back to Italy by mid-August

“Bossi” is now a household name in the Philippines, a hero in Italy, and most certainly a Vatican guest. reported on July 21 that released kidnapped victim Italian priest Fr. Giancarlo Bossi will return to Italy to meet his family by mid-August.

Anyway, good luck to Padre Bossi, who might even share about his life as a missionary to the youth of Loreto, Italy.

The report did not indicate, however, if the priest’s trip to Italy will bring him home for good. Read More…

CBCP: No more abductions of foreign missionaries, please

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/21 July) — What happened to Italian priest Fr.
Giancarlo Bossi should not happen again as foreign missionaries are giving
great service to the people especially in Mindanao, the Catholic Bishops’
Conference of the Philippines said in a statement posted on its website

The statement came two days after Bossi was released in what reports said
was a result of a kidnap-for-kidnap approach allegedly used by military
higher-ups. Government operatives reportedly snatched the wife and three
children of the suspected leader of the kidnappers to force them to free
their captive.

The 57-year-old Italian missionary was freed Thursday night in Sultan Naga
Dimaporo, Lanao del Norte to former mayor Hajarim Jamil of Tuburan, Basilan,
who negotiated for his release. The priest was kidnapped on June 10 in
Payao, Zamboanga Sibugay.

“We hope that what had happened to Fr Bossi will not happen again,” CBCP
president and Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo said. Read More…