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Living in a Mindanao suburb

“Suburbs are commonly defined as residential areas on the outskirts of a city or large town. Most modern suburbs are commuter towns with many single-family homes. Many suburbs have some degree of political autonomy and most have lower population density than inner city neighborhoods.”

I enjoyed attending a village social gathering last Saturday. It was a fellowship party for a new organization, one that sought to gather the professionals in our suburban village called Kalasungay.

Ours, now a village of at least 1,000 households, is home to Bukidnon’s earliest recorded native settlements. Majority of the residents belong to either the Bukidnon or Higaonon tribes.

There is much pride in me to settle in this village, where I could trace history by recalling the family names of our neighbors. Read More…


New blog on Bukidnon news and information

The Central Mindanao Newswatch, Bukidon’s local newspaper, is launching this week its online journal Bukidnon Newswatch Online.

This is the paper’s second attempt to put up a blog for the community newspaper based in Malaybalay City.

This try was triggered by a recent mechanical problem, which delayed the release of the week’s issue. The paper received constant queries on when to release the paper.

This inspired Newswatch staffers to put online some of the paper’s top stories.Going online, at least in the blogosphere, would be among the new ways the paper can serve the people of the province who are in Bukidnon and in many parts of the world.

This becomes part of the way the paper celebrates 20 years in service as “press freedom fighter from the Heart of Mindanao”.

US software expert in town for free workshop

A world renowned US programmer would be in town next week for a free workshop on Java Script, an important program on developing website and accessing objects embedded in other Internet applications.

Thom Parker, touted as one of the top three world experts on JavaScript, would offer a free workshop at Felis Seminar Resort on Friday November 16 at 3:00 pm.

His talk would cover many areas of JavaScript programming and he would show examples of results one can achieve using JavaScript, according to a press release. The Davao Acrobat and Adobe User Group and Felis Seminar Resort have sponsored the workshop “as part of a series to help boost the so-called Silicon Gulf Coast of Davao”. Read the rest of the report on

Sunday’s power outage in Mindanao cost millions of pesos

Both the government and the business sector suffered multi-million losses due to Sunday’s Mindanao-wide blackout, an official of National Transmission Corporation (Transco) Mindanao said.

Emmanuel Abellanosa, Transco Assistant Vice President for Mindanao, told MindaNews in telphone interview that the cause of the problem, a conductor flashover in a power generator line, a “major technical problem” should never happen again.

“We can’t afford another similar incident from happening. Luckily, we were able to correct the problem. Had the protection mechanisms failed, it would have taken us days to restore power,” Abellanosa said describing the magnitude of the problem. Read the rest of the report on

Bye Mac, Hi Aero

Today I opened my ‘kaban’ to reclaim an old friend.

I am trying to prepare myself to surrender the Macintosh laptop the office has allowed me to use.

D’ Mac has been a useful tool even if I complained a lot about its configurations in detecting wi-fi internet in most of the city.

As I move to my next assignment, I have to bid Mac good bye. Now, I’m forced to rejoin a thing of the past. Read More…

BizTalk: Shaping up to cut cost

I haven’t covered the Mindanao Shippers’ Conference in June but in the sidelines I heard one of the organizers talk about the high cost of freight as among the bigger concerns there.

I was reminded of this when I interviewed Maritine Industry Authority officer in charge Virgillio Armonia last week.

He said small shippers should pool their cargo to minimize freight cost as shipping lines charge by container van.

Armonia stressed that the practice for now is costly because most of the shippers are not organized, as this report on presents.

What’s the significance of this? The small shippers referred to are mostly growers and marketers of fruits and vegetableproducts. Many of them consolidate ouput from small to medium scale farmers in countryside communities. Read More…

Quite near, Sec. Neri

THAT WAS CLOSE. Reports and reactions to the testimony of former socio-economic chief planner Romulo Neri at the Senate hearing Wednesday show he bears rays of light about what was happening in the ZTE controversy.

From his answers, the score is slowly taking shape —a bit clearer to the empty-handed public. Watching the hearings from Mindanao, which oftentimes carry the brunt of decisions and to a large extent problems imported from Manila, I felt much of the gaps remained unfilled.

Two things for sure from Neri in the hearings: he has accused Comelec Chair Benjamin Abalos of offering bribe and that he told President Arroyo about it. The President accordingly told him not to accept it.

But the moment Mr. Secretary invoked executive privilege, it changed the picture. He left more questions hanging and the public guessing. Of course, the senate hearing is stuck in wonderland as the inquiry did not really get the facts. Read More…