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A call for peace and transparency

Malaybalay Bishop Jose Cabantan’s Christmas and New Year Message: Be involved in peace building; be models of transparency and accountability.

The bishop’s message is a good input for reflection to assess performance in 2013 and to plan for 2014.

My favorite phrase: “There is no peace because there are no peacebuilders.” In my words, I will say: “No peacebuilders, no peace.”

I also strongly agree that transparency and accountability (T and A), two very strong values, must be done; not just advocated.

I must add: there should be mechanisms to be built around to ensure T and A will work.


Failure, unplugged

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”
― Truman Capote

To all those whom I failed in 2013, sorry is not enough; but sorry just the same. You all deserved something better. I will not make any promise, I just decided not to give up; I will keep on trying. I’m not only hoping that 2014 will dish out better things for me and all of us; I also hope that I will be better in learning from mistakes, in making the best out of what is available; that I will be better in admitting my mistakes and omissions; that I will be quick in owning weakness and seeking help; and that what little good things I’ve done so far will grow even more. Mea culpa. The buck ends with me. No one else is responsible for my mistakes and omissions. I pray and seek others to pray for me and for all of us; our humility will not be enough; that God will not only send his wisdom, blessings, reparation and provisions. I hope God will also send his strength and zeal.

Advance Happy New Year; another year to learn, make mistakes, and to grow is ahead of us.