About Istambay sa Mindanao

[Blogging from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon province, Mindanao in Southern Philippines]


“Istambay sa Mindanao” is Cebuano for “standing by in Mindanao.”

This blog is a view of Mindanao using the blogger’s work as lens.

This is a reporter’s journal on Mindanao and anything linked to it.


I am a reporter for MindaNews, a news agency based in Davao City, Philippines. I am also presently one of the editors of Bukidnon News.Net.

I have worked as a marketing officer and an executive assistant in my past employments in Iloilo and Metro Manila.

I have worked subsequently as a marketing officer, reporter and editor of Bukidnon’s Central Mindanao Newswatch in Malaybalay City.

I have taught at the Ateneo de Davao University as a lecturer on journalism.

I have served at the Mindanao News and Information Cooperative Center, the cooperative of journalists running MindaNews, in various capacities.

I have worked as coordinator of MNICC’s GSIS Village Summer Training Workshops in 2006 and 2008.

I have also serve as training coordinator of the coop’s Grassroots Documentation and Reporting Training initiatives.

At present I am completing my Master of Arts in Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University as a fellow of the Asian Center for Journalism.

(Istambay sa Mindanao was put up in November 2004. Regular posting in WordPress, however, started only on 29 March 2006. All opinion entries here are solely of the author’s keep and are not officially authorized by his news organizations.   Header photo:  Driving through Mt. Nebo in Mountain View College, Mt. Nebo, Valencia City, Bukidnon.


68 responses to “About Istambay sa Mindanao”

  1. luz tandingan says :

    hi guys! it’s trough my cousin at Univ of California Reverside now working but a true blue mindanaoan as well. She’s a graduate, a professor from the USM once my school before I shifted to another degree at Univ of Mindanao.

    She’s sent to me your latest featured speech from our very own Dr. Tiongco from Davao City. (that’s how I’d learned this very nice site!)

    I’m presently working at Cebu Int’l School but surely my eldest daughter who’s a graduating stude at UPLB would surely liked and confirmed most of the thoughts shared by Dr. Tiongco. Keep up the good work!


  2. barog dabaw says :

    i can talk about anything about davao and mindanao

  3. Waltzib says :

    Thanks Barog Dabaw. Yes It’s a free country you can do that! We all are entitled of our own piece of the world. Although, that also means we have to be transparent and should be responsible for our biases. For the truth, and only for it! Salamat po! sa paghapit nimo sa akong blog!

  4. junanteola says :

    you have a good blog going on here. i’ll be coming back… 🙂

  5. junanteola says :

    the mindanews link isn’t working…

  6. Jun P. says :

    Good work guys,keep the fire
    of press freedom burning.

  7. du9gvu says :

    Hello Walter, long time no see, if you have time please feel free to visit our website to include a snapshot of Kaamulan festival 2007. I will post the following sites for your reference. Thanks – Eric Epie

    http://www.reactkaamulan.org – official site of REACT Kaamulan
    http://www.reactkaamulan.org/kaamulan – Unofficial site of Kaamulan Festival
    http://www.reactkaamulan.org/goldtree – Unofficial site of Malaybalay City’s official tree – Tabebuia Donnell Smithii popularly known as GOLD TREE

  8. elenalam72 says :


  9. mindanaw says :

    Hi Elena,

    Thanks for spending time to comment in my blog. Yes Of course, in any way I could help just let me. If you can send more details to my email ad or send me your email address so i could reach you. Please send details.

    Kidnapping has remained a problem in some parts of Mindanao, sadly. I emphatize with you in your concern. I hope there is something that could be done to solve it.

    As a reporter , I could ask our correspondent in the area to check on the status also. Police consider a case “resolved” once a suspect/s have been charged. Sometimes the suspects are fall guys or decoy.

    PRayers for strength for your family and for your nephew’s peace.


  10. vic says :

    I met you at MLQ III just below my comment on circumcision and decided to visit your site, (I may have visited it before) and was glad to see you’re posting from Davao, the City where my late Brother (March 29, 1944- March 30, 2006) lived from the mid 70s and worked for the DAR. He had a Cardiac arrest while at work and never had chance to see retirement and his first Grandson born 3 months later.

    I was there last year and may pay a visit again someday to that beautiful city, where my brother could not stop praising for her lusty forest and still not so spoiled environment. I visited the island of Samal back in 2000 and the tourist developments there were already in full swing. I hope the development will not in anyway affect the island pristine greenery and the livelihood of its mostly Muslim inhabitants will benefits from the tourist industry. My brother was OIC in that Island.

    I will be visiting your site quite often if only to see what’s going on the city where by brother had left a big family and circle of friends. We are from Iloilo, the town of Alimodian.. Thanks

  11. Waltzib says :

    Hi Sir Vic,
    Thanks for dropping by. I’m saddened about what happened to your brother.
    Yes Samal is doing great.
    By the way, your family comes from Iloilo (Alimodian)? Very interesting. I lived in Miagao from 1994 to 1999 (for my undergrad in UP Miagao) and stayed along in Iloilo up to 2001. Nakakamiss talaga ang places of origin no? Thanks again!

    -Istambay sa Mindanao

  12. nino says :

    walter, mananghid ko daan. i-link tika sa akong blogroll. hope ok lang.


  13. mindanaw says :

    Hi Sir,
    Yes of course. Ako pud ka i-link if you dont mind, too.

  14. joel b mahinay says :

    Hi Mindanaw.

    More power to your blog.

    Am a dabawenyo, here in South America for the time being.


  15. joel b mahinay says :

    Can you provide a list of candidates running for local post especially for Congressman, City Mayor and Governor. You may start from Region XI then for whole Mindanao. I tried in different web but I have not seen any except one in Samar province.

  16. mindanaw says :

    Hi Joel,
    Let’s see what can be done. Thanks for dropping by.

  17. Eric Conrad Epie says :

    Hi walter, its me again, last march 30, we posted a list of candidates for the province of Bukidnon. The link is http://www.reactkaamulan.org/natelection2007

    Since election day is roughly less than 10 days, some if not all candidates are nervous (obviously). It is very interesting to follow the story about Valencia City, Mr. Garcillano, Zubiri-Jurolan and much much more.

    We shall post the results of the counting as soon as we can get data from the COMELEC so to inform our loyal browsers and surfers the outcome of the bukidnon election.

    In the meantime, we have initial arrangement with PPCRV-NAMFREL to assist in the communication aspect of the operation, it may be Malaybalay City only or provincewide.

    Keep in touch and best regards to the family…:-)

    ps. we shall include your link in our site 🙂


  18. Jing from Cebu City says :

    thanks for puting up this site. made many people happy and informed in a non-conventional way. more power to Istambay sa Mindanao…………..!!!!!

  19. aida says :

    Hi , Walter i like istambay sa mindanao, if you dont mind please send me email about the election in Surigao city.thank you so much.
    New Zraland

  20. aida says :

    Hi , Walter i like istambay sa mindanao, if you dont mind please send me email about the election in Surigao city.thank you so much.
    New Zealand

  21. mindanaw says :

    Thanks for your visits to Istambay sa Mindanao.

    Pangayo lang ko dispensa sa katong dunay mga requests sama ni Joel ug ni Aida. Pasensya lang gyud kay na-busy ko mao nga wala nako na-atiman inyong mga hangyo. Daghang salamat sa pagsabot.
    -Istambay sa Mindanao

  22. pong pong says :

    PAG USWAG MINDANAO!!!!!, i would like only to comment what happen to my province dvo sur, napuno naman ug hugaw ug traditional nga politician ang ming daug, dunay hungihong nga dagko kaayo ug pinalitay sa boto last election..dakong kasubo nako kini nga balita, hugaw kaayo ang nawong sa politika. kon bu-ot huna huna on tulo lang ka tuig ang termino sa maong position unya dagko kaayo ug gasto sa election, ang dakong pangutana asa man nila bawi on ang na gasto sa eleksyon.pila ra man ang sweldo sa usa ka position unya dagko kaayo ug gasto.dunay hungihong nga ang usa ka governatorial candidate ming gasto ug 30 million pesos, hahay na unsa na ni… I HOPE DUNAY DAKONG REBULOSYON PARA SA PAG BAG O SA POLITKA SA AKONG PROBINSYA.

  23. joey basigsig says :

    ya mingaw da ako sa mindanaw 7 ka tuig da ako wara ka uli, im now living here in manila, i stdy college and now workin but mingaw na gyod ko sa akong homeland. kamayo land.

  24. joey basigsig says :

    sa tanan mga taga mindanaw ako numero 092047201607
    email. joey_basigsig01@yahoo.com friendster. bozz_jokkz01@yahoo.com.. God Bless Mindanao

  25. jonna villanueva says :

    Hi, Im from one of the munipalities from the province of Davao del Sur but I have stayed in Davao for almost 5 years(the greatest years in my life). I’m here in manila right now working as an agent and I badly miss Davao that everytime i sleep I’ve always dreamt of coming home even if I’ve been here barely 5 months pa. Hahay! There’s no place like Davao, the sweet smell and taste of Durian, the happy face of the people, the busy streets, the mayor and of course the safeness and the security that I feel whenever i walk the streets. Dito lagi akong kinakabahan! If not for the huge and tall buildings, Manila would be nothing compared to Davao. I really miss Davao na! Lalo na’t palapit na ang kadayawan! Sana makauwi man lang ako this year just to cure my homesickness!

  26. peter says :

    Hi just wanted to say I think that you have a woderful blog site here and i have linked it through my site through an rss feeder keep up the good work very informative
    regards Peter

  27. rheajane says :

    goodmorningc”,)…….my oservation……..i felt sorry for those people who are victim of war. yes! its true that until now we still facing some chaos in our country, as a concerned citizen i observed eveything about what happened in our environment. Why many people are die because of war? we solemnly asked the resumption of peace talks between the government and the national democratic front, the victim of war children, women, and innocent people living in poverty they are force to flee thier homes and livelihhod for fear of their lives. remember the people who have lost their right to experience the fullness of life, as the government opts to buy bullets, guns, and warplanes intead of books, shelter, and food for the poverty sticken ordinary filipinos. hopefully our country will geeting unite and peace.

    Rhea Jane L. Caldoza

  28. mindanaw says :

    Thank you, Peter! Keep coming back.
    To Rhea Jane, Yes, like you I go for the resumption of the peace process between the government and the communist rebels. But first, ceasefire! I share your thoughts on the need to use our limited resources to save lives and futures, rather on wars –killing our people literally and figuratively.
    I hope the day will come for peace to reign at all fronts! THanks for posting your comment!

  29. rheajane says :

    thnx for appreciation my comments (mindanao)….i already found the one site which is capable for my interest through “writings”. by the way i want to know your name? (mindanao)…..thnx….have a nice day. u know what my interest in life is writing and writing but its difficult for me on how to start…. but in my school i am active when it comes of contribution about poems, essay, literary and etc…..(one of the org.)

  30. Island Angel says :

    hai! ganahan kaayo ko sa imong blog! unta mameet pud nako ang mga uban pang blogger diri sa davao city!

  31. mindanaw says :

    @ Island Angel – Hi thanks kaayo sa imong paghapit sa akong blog.
    Kung naa ka saDavao City sa 27 October, mao kana ang Sked sa First Mindanao Bloggers summit. Dghan kaayo ang bloggers ana nga time. Try to visit http://www.mindanaobloggers.com should u be interested, please register as particpant if you run a blog. Thanks.

    @ Rheajane – It is good to know you like writing. I myself like writing, but there is still a lot of things I have to improve about language, style, voice etc. that’s y am blogging to practice it. The advice my high school English teacher taught me more than 15 years ago was to keep a journal or a diary. Kaso I was lazy and keeping that habit didnt auger well to me more than a day. So pang first day ra ko taman mag journal.

    Good thing for your generation now bec. blogging is already available for free. You can practice more. Some of my friends keep this blogs off the public yet, until they gain enough confidence to make it available for others to see.

    Do’t be afraid to write –kust keep on writing — but also, try reading a lot of books, too. Good luck!

  32. rheajane says :

    (mindanaw) tnx…. its so easy for me to write instead of saying something to others…. nhihirapan akong maisabi sa iba what i really feel inside….every secrets ng buhay ko it always lying on pin point of my ballpen and a piece of paper….i feel free when im doing that….

    rhe@j@ne…..mwaaahhhhhh mindanaw….

  33. JuneB says :

    Kumusta na. Gimingaw na ko sa Dabaw. Dugay na gyud ko wala kauli dinha. I bet, it will be a different Davao that will greet me should I ever go home. But…the beaches will still be the same.

  34. waltzib says :

    Hi Juneb,
    why dont you come home panagsa? it will be a worthwhile thing to do! Bitaw, if gimingaw na jud mo sa atong dakbayan unya naa lang man extra ang inyong panudlanan — uli. hehe.
    Marag ang imong sugyot nga “But …the beaches will still be the same” naa jud xay unod bords.

    You mean dili japun nindot? o unsa ba? hehe.

    Best regards!

    Salamat sa pagbisita

  35. pottle-deep habit says :

    Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read — Groucho Marx

  36. patrick says :

    peace to everyone!!! i am working on my master’s thesis “ETHNO-LINGUISTIC GROUPS OF WESTERN MINDANAO
    REFLECTED IN THEIR LITERATURE” . i have a hard time looking for literary pieces that i could use in my analysis. Please if you know some new materials from any of the 13 ethno- linguistic groups. i am so grateful for it if you will help me out. God bless,

  37. sean says :

    hi there luz! Ive been trying to contact you.. how are you doin
    hope every thing’s doing well with you.

    • luz tandingan says :

      Hi, Kinsa gud ni? 🙂 Nganong nangita man ka nako? Kinsa diay ni? akong mobile is 0064212940563 alternatively my office # 0064 836 8000 ext 8985.

      hope to hear from you soon!

      Luz or embong

  38. sean says :

    sir peter, naa ka ba number or email ni maam luz tandingan? will it be all right if you send it me..salamat kaayo

    God Bless!

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  40. Deewai Rodriguez says :

    Walter! =)
    small world.
    i and my husband King live here in Bukidnon.
    My cp number is 09195810658.
    I am working with 2nd District Rep. TG Guingona III. King has his small digital studio business.
    ‘hope to bump into you one of these days.

  41. Jennifer Cheng says :


    Just thought of sharing my blog with you..Thanks and Happy New Year…

  42. jologskeyks says :

    walts lipat ka na pala sa bukidnon? exchange tayo links ha–add na kita—http://datelinedavao.blogspot.com/

  43. bibomedia says :


  44. rheajane says :

    masasabi kong maraming mga bagay ang maipagmamalaki ng pilipinas…. mula sa ating kultura, tourist spots at sa larangan ng sports ay kayang mkipagsabayaan ng mga pilipino sa ibat ibang bansa para lng maipagmalaki ang paggiging angat nating mga pilipino. kagaya nlang sa pagkapanalo ni manny pacqiuao his latest fight with juan manuel marquez.pride of phils. na naman pinagbubunyi na naman natin. huminto ang ikot ng mundo ng tao , nag iba ang ihip ng hangin lalong lalo na ang mga katahimikan sa politika nawala ang mga isyu ng kinasasangkutan ng malakanyang, naging malamig tayo sa pagkalimot ng mga kontrobersyal dito sa ating bansa. nagkaisa ang mga pilipino sa ibat ibang panig ng mundo at maipakita sa lahat na magagaling ang mga pilipino. sa kabila ng tagumpay na ating tinatamasa dahil sa pagkanalo ni manny pacquiao. hindi parin natin masasabing tapos na ang lahat……nagkakainitan na ang senado, apektado ang mga tao…. lalong lalo na ang mga MAHIHIRAP ng ating bansa. isang kahig isang tuka kung aking maihahambing sa isang manok. bakit ba naging ganito ang takbo ng pilipinas? dahil ba sa mga tao bng namamalakad ng ating gobyerno? o sa atin ding mga pilipino ang may pagka likas tayong TAMAD. kaya ciguro wlang pag aasenso ang mga pilipino dahil din sa ating puro BAHALA NA. sa sitwasyong ating ginagalawan ngayon sumusobra ang kahirapan, dumudoble ang naghihirap sa bawat pamilyang pilipino. hirap pagkasyahin ang kakarampot na sahod para lng matustusan ang mga pangagailangan sa araw-araw. maraming produkto ang nagtataasan ng presyo at ang APEKTADO ang CONSUMER. paano tayo uunlad?im so affected in all those issues that wer facing now…. mahirap man ipikit lng natin ang ating mga mata at sabihing bahala na si batman….. bakit may mga taong sa sobrang pangungurakot lalong yumayaman at ang mga taong mahihirap laong naghihirap at namamatay sa gutom.may mga pamilyang hirap pag aralin ang mga anak dahil sa kahirapang ating hinaharap pero hindi dapat ang kahirapan ang isisi dahil hindi tayo makapag aral. pero hindi rin naman natin masisi ang sistema ng gobyerno natin dahil lahat tayo’y apektado dito…..May mga ipinanganak ngang mayaman pero wlang pakialam sa kahalagahan ng edukasyon, may mga mahihirap na mas gustong mag aral yun naman ang hindi kayang tustusan ng mga magulang all i want is to be fair in all aspects of life….. all i know is the concept of education is the total development of people. it is not to produce skilled workers but also to make them creative and socially oriented. our contry needs good citizens with proper attitudes and values, people who are capable to create something for the progressive of our country . real education means the improvement of knowledge, skills and values of individuals. these three factors determine the success or failure of any society or economy. countries whose peoples have the correct knowledge, skills and values are prosperous. their favorable political, economic and social institutions contribute to their prosperity. In contrast, countries whose citizens have negative value, like corruption , dishonesty, laziness, lack of cooperation and patriotism and the like are very slow in their economic development process. these are the poor countries and philippines is one of it. I admit the fact that the philippines is lack of development because of leader, who are not deserving to serve and be a higher one’s of the filipino people. They only think for their power and wealth not thinking for the lower sector that suffered economic crisis because of government corruptions and inflation of prices.

    rhea jane l. caldoza

  45. Taboan Mindanao says :


    Please join us at http://www.taboan.net .

    Taboan Mindanao is a social network of individuals and organizations promoting sustainable development of Mindanao.

  46. gLoRiA CaLdOzA AcUiN says :

    hello u have a nice link………keep the flame burning in ur job! Uve done the best……God bless

    Gloria Caldoza Acuin

  47. Iloilo says :

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  48. mcclen says :

    thanks sa nice blog…i’m interested…kahit taga kagay anon ako….marami ngang nagsasabi na maganda raw ang DAVAO sana makapunta man lang ako minsan sa lugar nyo.nga pala taga VIRGINIA nga pala ako mag 8 months na ako dito…ito homesick ako dito…..sana makauwi na ako jan sa pinas…..sana magblog pa kau ng mag picture…salamat


  49. Yasmin Tang says :

    Congrats on your endeavor! I work with Probe Media Foundation and we will be having a media fellowship for Mindanao media practitioners on reporting on children. If you, or anyone you know is interested, please have them apply. They can download the forms through: http://www.probefound.com/news.php?newsid=24.


  50. Bert says :

    Gusto gyud ko mag sige ug land trip sa davao gikan sa Cagayn de Oro. Kaniadto and highway sa Bukidnon para sa Davao daut pa apan karon nindot na kaayo agian. Ang kabukiran pud nindot lantawon bisan nagkaupaw na gumikan kay wa na man ang lasang nga kaniadto maoy nibanig niini. Bugnaw ang atong masinati pag agi nato sa kabukiran sa Quezon ngadto na sa Buda paosos ngadto sa Marilog.

  51. Mike says :

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  52. Y8 says :

    Magkadugay polluted na gyud kaayo ning Davao kay daghan na man kaayo ug mga bag-o nga tukod nga mga istablisemento unya wala na kaayo mga punuan mapareho na ta ani ug manila…:-)

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