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A kababayan in Tel Aviv, anywhere

Congrats Rose Fostanes, a caregiver based in Tel Aviv who is “originally” from the Philippines. She is now popular in Israel after winning the X-Factor Israel reality television singing contest. Such a raw talent Rose have. She admitted having “small” self-confidence. But really raw talent comes out.

I admire her humility and courage. She must be a very hard working person. Most Filipinos abroad do not have Rose’s singing powers. What they have is love for family, perseverance, and unwavering human spirit.

I think that’s the inspiring part – Rose somehow represents all hard working, simple, loving family member anywhere they are in the world.

I also remember a relative in her voice. She talks like an aunt who passed away in a bus accident back in 1995 in Cagayan de Oro. Iya-an was strict, ambitious, and vocal. But she was also kind, hard working, and family-centered.

Thanks Rose.


Accompanied by the bees and night insects


After a blog hiatus, I am tempted to key in a few
sentences. For several weeks and nights I’ve toiled the night for this research. I’m happy to be able to do this.

It might have meant a number of sleepless nights.I am, however, looking at the end of this.

I am taking one step at a time. I know I am too delayed already.
But I surmised that if I run this more than I could handle, I might burn out.

So, while I’m stuck in the methodology and the review of related literature; I could not miss playing my role as the organizer of the children’s Easter Egg Hunt!

In between the transcripts of my 12 interviews and the search for my research limitations, and the problem of filing news reports in a dry Holy week, I try to squeeze in my schedule the complete screening of the “3 Idiots.”

Superb movie. Got me into laughter, tears, and action.

Perhaps, also a renewed positive and cheerful attitude towards life’s challenges.

“All is well!”

Happy Easter!

Beginner’s Random thoughts on running in Malaybalay City

  1. Come to the race to compete only with yourself.
  2. Expect to be laughed at; laugh with them, it’s another exercise.
  3. Stretch your body before running and your limits, too; but do not be suicidal
  4. Prepare for the race and your needs after it, including one more item at the drug store: muscle pain ointment.
  5. Listen to encouragements from friends, ignore negative remarks from ‘friends’
  6. Use water and food to keep you going, not to slow you down
  7. If you can’t run faster, go slow, or walk; but don’t stop.
  8. Dress light and feel light.
  9. Smile, don’t talk, to an acquaintance while running to save breath
  10. Thank God, family, friends before and after running, it counts to be grateful of the gift of the human life.
  11. Run even if there is no race or competition; if you feel good about stepping on the finish line; be aware that the best is yet to come.
  12. Help keep our community peaceful and free so we still have fields, trails, and streets where we can still run.

I made it!

I got these points printed in my mind from the starting line of the 4.2 km. Panahik night run on January 22 up to dinner tonight.

Finally, I was able to write it down.

I’m sure there will be more I can remember later on.

To those who have other thoughts to add, please key it in as a comment. (or make your own list.)

We don’t know, maybe in the future we can write a book about the gift of running in the free streets of our communities!


One Dabawenyo sports guru

DELAYED BLOGCAST: Last Monday I had a very long lunch with two friends, MC of the Business Mirror and blogosphere’s Mr. Clean Slate, Mo, who also writes for Manila Standard Today.

Time with Mo is time to update about sports. He breathes sporting fire in the city. Not that he is the only one I know. But Mo is a reporter, an advocate and a public servant. In his passion for sports you could see his desire to push for “sports governance”. Read More…

Back to Sports in a Davao neighborhood

Today I broke free from a personal myth that I could no longer play basketball. I still can despite gaining weight and this strange feeling of distrust that I couldn’t even last a minute in the court.

We played ball early afternoon, after a hearty lunch of seafoods and grill today in a friend’s place along Jacinto Extension.

I was with a group of photographers visiting a friend to help him up with some academic requisites. While I began to feel envious of their cameras, I entertained myself with mangosteen and luckily another friend invited me out of respetar if I want to play.

How could I refuse. My last streetball game was in 1999, when we all anticipated the coming of the Y2K bug. That was eons ago. Read More…

Taste of Germany, “memorabilia museum” in Davao

I joined colleagues in trying new hangouts on June 22 and 29 to unwind.

We were samplers who weren’t very willing to spend. But we still needed to open light conversations, if not forge new beginnings or sign our future on that big rock.

We sampled Haus Edelweiss Restaurant somewhere in Bangkal. They serve lots of wurst (sausages) and other German delights. They also offer imbesse or short orders for those who wanted lighter or faster food. Read More…

Meet Lyrids, meteor shower midnight – tonight

A friend sent this text message that someone, a geoscientist from Manila, informed her that Lyrids, a meteor shower can be seen tonight (past midnight, actually early morning April 22) from the northeast sky. I verified from the net and this is what I found out.

 meteor.jpgMETEOR SHOWER? An increase in the number of meteors at a particular time of year is called a meteor shower. Read More…