A night of Durian in Bangkerohan

The moonlight glitter
in the cold old corner
the night leaves youth
waiting to tear the alley
people walk,
past a sideroad full of thorns.
a vendor calling,
the deaf looking out —
a feast of pulp
of Davao’s scorn
is going.

Nah, don’t mind that and don’t worry. This is not a literary piece. Such where I’m forcing harmony of words to string them together like a song.

But really I’m brushing poetic as I ate native durian with my friends from Lingkod, Tony and Lawrence tonight. We didn’t really plan that. We just passed by the stalls along Quirino from a friend’s house in Bangkerohan area. 

The vendor said the variety is called “basketball”. Maybe the name game owes it to the fruit’s round shape. The best part of it was that I felt ease eating with  friends along the street! Because of that, passersby also ate durian like we did in that simple busy corner.

I like being in the streets. And when you’re there to eat, have fun and frolic in a beautiful evening, with the moon casting her borrowed light, what more could you ask for?


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

3 responses to “A night of Durian in Bangkerohan”

  1. Jun P. says :

    Yaaah,you dont need to make the words rhyme,Its not a poem
    or literary piece anyway.But,Isn’t it should be “A night of Durian in
    Bankerohan” and not “An night of Durian in Bangkerohan?

  2. Waltzib says :

    Hi Jun,

    You got me there. I’m sure it’s not a typo this time, perhaps I wrote the phrase from listening to myself. Thanks!

  3. Jun P. says :

    Hi waltz,
    Just want to let you know that Im one of your
    avid site reader here somewhere in the U.S,you’re
    doing good,I like your site.Keep up the good work.

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